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Everyone need an surprise and excitement in daily routine, enjoy the unbox moment for wondering what is inside a present or a box.

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Project Summary

Mystery box

Everyone need an surprise and excitement in daily routine, enjoy the unbox moment for wondering what is inside a present or a box. From conversation of footwear handmaker, they have their difficulty to finish the leftover material expecially man-made leather. With my passion i decided to create an innovative way to help them by create designated footwear and share my favourite items and selection of rock tea. Mystery box is a box that combine of fashion and lifestyle.


I am chew. Fashion design background with experience in footwear over 5 years and passionate for art and involve it in lifestyle such as chinese tea and simple planting.

What is inside the mystery box?

  • 1 or 2 pairs of ladies heels/ shoes or 1 pair mens shoes
  • 1x packet of Founder recommend high quality Rock tea. Rock tea, also known as 岩茶 (yan meaning rock, cha meaning tea), are oolong teas that come from the wuyi mountains in Fujian Province, China.
  • 2x random accessories or small goods : fashion accessories( jewellery,clutches ) , flower seeds etc.
  • Love from founder

Meaning of project

Your support can help malaysian shoemaker for their living and effort. Successful of this project will help founder to upgrade more valueble product and added more various of footwear.

Where is my contribution to ?

This crowdfunding is to cover the cost of footwear production , cost of accessories and small goods . Any extra will go into merchandising and marketing campaign , maintenance for website. If this project is succesful, any extra will go into second batch of the cost of footwear production and add on more valuable items.

Timeline for the project  

The footwear production process will need approximately 1-2 month , include preparation of leftover material , prototype, actual production. For leftover footwear need 1-2 months for quality check and pick up from different hand maker. In the meantime,the recommended products like accessories and small goods are picked and prepared. After all the products for putting in mystery box are ready, will start to launch. Maybe will put it in preorder or subscription base, it depends on how well is this project.

For this project, the rewards footwear products production already done. The rewards will deliver immediately once confirmed.


When i receive my reward?

Your mystery box will arrange for delivery after your contribution is confirm.

Make sure your details(name, receiver address, email address, phone number )are correct.

Remember drop us an email to indicate what shoes size or any specific remarks you want for your reward !


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