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Artist-jeweller Fashion e-Store

Contact: Poesy Liang 梁小詩

An artist-jeweller's second line, Pink Yakuza is a fashion e-store by a Malaysian girl. Ladies globally wants to look great on Zoom!

RM 12,528

pledge of RM 30,000 goal

11 November 2020 26 December 2020


Project Summary

Hello there!
My name is Poesy Liang.

Watch my introduction video. 72 seconds.


Some people know me as the contemporary artist (but I wear many hats). I have been known to pull some stunts in the name of art & humanity: 
building social movements globally; 
shaving my head at the Cannes Film Festival; 
throwing a jazz concert for 100 blind people in San Francisco; 
painting on the sidewalks of Paris to fund my budget travels around the world; 
performing live calligraphy to open a humanitarian conference at the United Nations; 
painting public murals in Manila/Singapore/New York/Malacca/JB; 
exhibiting art in total darkness at the Marina Bay Sands;
founding an art program for stateless children with Yayasan Chow Kit on 8th year now;
founding the Thursday Tutoring program at the children shelter still running after 13 years

Also over the last 2 decades, due to my personal life too, I became highly Google-able for a girl from Jalan Imbi

Poesy小詩 Media Archive


I have been creative for more than 30 years. First I started on television, but let's not go that far back. Let's start with the architecture & design geek, I love designing many random things, and I put together my wardrobe for every single spotlight appearance.. 

My design portfolio grew from an interior design practise for luxury properties, into fine jewellery, and more recently, I expanded into the licensing & merchandising business to support my art portfolio.. 

BUT TODAY I want to tell you about my latest plans.. while I am delighted to invite you on a new venture!

Interviewing the Jeweller (83 seconds)


I also don the hat of a fine jeweller, with my own line POEZ Jewellers since 2004. This started with my obsession in gemology, while I have a ridiculous taste for heirloom jewellery, so no surprise that I had to design my own jewellery.

When I fell upon hard times, instead of putting my assets up on a fire sale, I turned my personal jewellery collection into a brand and sold my creations to a select curation of international collectors.

A little bit about my childhood. I grew up in the notorious neighbourhood of Jalan Imbi and I am used to speaking with gangsters. It is impossible to know who gave me the nickname Miss Yakuza. Sure I have always been an impatient girl, but I am also the founder of an international movement of random kindness, Helping Angels 善行天使.
Due to my neighbourhood connections, I MAKE NAUGHTY PEOPLE DO GOOD THINGS.

Do you know what agitates me?
Watch this video. 83 seconds.


The coronavirus has swept the world with tragedy. Many people lost their lifelihoods, I hear a strong calling to do something about that. 

It is most certain that in the near term, I have nowhere to go, no planes to catch, no appearances to make except online - I doubt I can make it to my next international appearance in Nevada coming August-September 2021.

But I do appreciate this prolonged stretch of retreat and I can get into detailed projects - I have been repairing, redesigning, making and improving things around me for the entire lockdown; I refurbished a 24yo Kancil car; rearranged the layout of Poesy Inc HQ : Abundantia; sewed new dresses; created pretty things; reinvented unwanted clothes; learned more skills, etc.. and I was just setting up an Etsy shop to make my design samples available to the world. Now how do I help people with this??

Recently someone asked to buy the Twirling Tutu that I produced in 99 colours since 2015.. There has been more than a handful of people in the past who nagged me that instead of just selling through WhatsApp, what about making my designs available to the world. Many Malaysians need jobs. 

Why don't I set up that shop now?

PINK YAKUZA was born!

Pink Yakuza will start as a mid tier fashion accessories brand to ride on my pedigree as a fine jeweller, it will be my second line. I will design for the everyday modern lady who has to work from home. I had started designing zoom accessories, YES you heard me, us girls want to look nice online!

Of course along the way I want to scale globally and offer a stepping stone for our local young creatives to thrive. I do have a core team who is perfectly capable to do this with me.

Why am I crowdfunding?
This crowdfunding round is to cover the cost of setting up the bells & whistles of an attractive e-commerce store. Any extra will help the founding team tide over till the money rolls in. We aim to do an equity round in April-June 2021 after we test our traction with the seasons around Christmas, CNY & Valentine, and to grasp all teething issues.

Would you like to see this happen?
Identify your most desired reward on the list of offerings and secure it.

We need you. 

Oh yes, as promised in the earlier video, I need to tell you about my cat because he is prominently listed in the reward list. Well, I am not offering up my naughty cat to raise money.. but this yakuza cat has merch.. His name is Harry Putter.

Who is Harry Putter?
Harry Putter is the cat who has a couple of people working for him, he is currently paying the bills. He has 2 girlfriends, Dot Dot & Miss China aka the Cupcake Twins. I am awaiting to sign a book deal in 2021 with a New York Times bestselling author in Silicon Valley. It will be Harry Putter's second book.
After selling his merch globally via WhatsApp, we recently set Harry Putter up on Etsy

If you enjoyed reading my stories, tell people about me, talk about this project.

My team & I would be so grateful and honoured for you to share this out. 
Every drop of effort to expand the Pink Yakuza tribe counts.
Every cent of your support counts.
Go check out my list of rewards now.

Resource links :


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Day 11 - Sunday November 21st 2020

I had fun going LIVE for my reward crowdfunding campaign program -
pitchIN Friday night with Pink Yakuza & Sandeep Joseph (whose a super interviewer)..

For the link to the recording CLICK HERE
I know many folks had other priorities on a Friday night!
So I am very grateful to all for giving me 40 minutes of their personal time to tune in!

Coming Friday same time same place, I will have my ex-boss Datuk Yasmin Yusuff on air with me..

pitchIN Friday night with Pink Yakuza & Datuk Yasmin Yusuff
For the event link to that CLICK HERE

Day 9 - Thursday November 19th 2020

Hello hello!! 
I apologise for not writing here more frequently. We have been busy preparing the shop to go LIVE and finally did it at 11:19AM today, because it is 11/19/2020. Surely you noticed I like to play with numbers... Visit my humble e-commerce store www.pinkyakuza.com I hope to raise the funds to build further.

Today we launched PinkYakuza.com e-commerce store with a list of 17 SKUs, now available to be purchased by people globally. Our Etsy shop has been active over the last few days too. I am juggling my backend stuff, and finding momentum meeting orders and having things delivered to our first customers.
This is truly exciting.

Also. We were in the news on Malay Mail. 

It looks like I really need to give this campaign a good push once we settle the e-commerce store. There will be a few AMA sessions with different moderators, I feel blessed to be introduced by people with far greater public profiles than mine - to share my journey with them. 

It is impossible to upload photos here, so this will just be a text update.
Please follow our social media channels for all the gorgeous photos.


Day 1 - Wednesday November 11th 2020

What a day it has been, the first day of my first public crowdfunding campaign. Honestly I had no idea what to expect, a big part of me was anticipating some major failure, to fall flat on my face in public. Eeeek. So imagine when somebody pledged support at the stroke of midnight when we launched, I was overwhelmed by gratitude and amazement. Every drop every ounce of support given to this project is just so precious. Thank you muchly.

Running up to our launch, we were sleepless! I still haven't gone to bed since maybe 24 hours ago.

Anyway, we received feedback to upload images of the list of rewards. So here they are!! We have also included them in the campaign page body. I hope you find something to love and give Pink Yakuza your support. We cannot do this without you.

Here is the list of rewards with the images :

RM222 x 99

RM333 x 33

RM999 x 9

RM3333 x 3



I will update the Pink Yakuza sports jersey design next week.
Please come back often because I will write here everyday.
Thank you so much for joining the Pink Yakuza tribe.
You fill my heart with gratitude.



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    16 backers

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  • RM 11

    17 backers

    Social media shoutout from @ilovepinkyakuza

    Estimated Delivery : 12/12/2020

    Unlimited slots

  • RM 99

    17 backers

    Pink Yakuza sports jersey
    XL/L/M/S (unisex)

    - pledged value does not include postage

    Estimated Delivery : 11/01/2021

    82 slot(s) remaining!

  • RM 222

    4 backers

    Harry Putter pitchIN limited edition CAPsule
    with special debut of the Pink Yakuza logo
    This geek brain cap is only available through this PitchIn campaign

    - pledged value does not include postage

    Estimated Delivery : 11/01/2021

    95 slot(s) remaining!

  • RM 333

    7 backers

    Harry Putter exclusive long bill CAPsule
    with special debut of the Pink Yakuza logo
    This geek brain cap is only available through this pitchIN campaign

    - pledged value does not include postage

    Estimated Delivery : 11/01/2021

    26 slot(s) remaining!

  • RM 999

    3 backers

    Fly Me to the Moon Harry Putter (USD$$325 value)
    Printed Edition Digital giclee
    Size : A3

    - pledged value does not include postage

    Estimated Delivery : 11/01/2021

    6 slot(s) remaining!

  • RM 5,555

    0 backers

    Original artwork worth USD$1800 and USD$2100
    title : RTC New York
    media : acrylic on wood
    date:June 2019
    wood panel size : 8”x 8”

    - pledged value does not include postage

    Estimated Delivery : 12/12/2020

    2 slot(s) remaining!

  • RM 9,999

    0 backers

    Original artwork worth USD$2900
    title : Words of Love at Lightning Speed
    media : acrylic ink
    canvas size 18”x 24”
    date : April 16th 2020
    event : Facebook LIVE

    - pledged value does not include postage

    Estimated Delivery : 20/12/2021

    1 slot(s) remaining!