RAINBOWS (Recycled Cloth Products).

Contact: Siti Aisyah Mariam AbdulWahab

Our idea is to produce variety of products that are made from recycled cloth (silk, cotton, jeans,shirts) such as tote bags,...

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4 June 2014 5 July 2014


Project Summary

Our idea is to produce variety of products that are made from recycled cloth (silk, cotton, jeans,shirts) such as tote bags, bag packs, water bottle holder, pencil case, laptop bag and purses. We will be sketching and designing variety of layouts, blueprints of the products for the customers to choose from and then choose the design that they like. We decide to design these products using recycled materials because over the years, the natural resource of cloth, which is mainly found in plants and animals like cotton from the gossypium plant, silk from silkworm and wools from sheep has alarmingly waned.

Nowadays, people would simply throw their clothes away if they found that their clothes are old, tight, has torn and the clothes can be donated. Most people don't know that they can bring their old and worn clothes to the recycling centre and have their clothes recycled to be transformed into other things like pencil cases and bags. Also, most tailors would throw their excessive cloth after they have finished their customers' order. If the whole community knows that they could recycle their clothes, the natural source of cloth would be in a good condition. Therefore, as a concerned human being, we both feel the need to do our part to protect the earth's natural resources, by encouraging people to recycle their clothes. There are myriads of benefits when we recycle cloth, for instance it reduces the need for landfill space. Synthetic fiber products will not decompose in the landfill. Next, recycling reduces the pressure on virgin resources. Recycled clothing does not require the use of new textile resources such as cotton or wool. Our products are sold at an affordable price, since we do not need a large amount of capital, the profit we estimated to earn is big, due to low cost of operations.

These products usually earned high demand from people of all ages. As our contribution to society, we shall allocate 5% of the price of the product bought by the customers will be donated to various charity associations. Therefore, support and encouragement from the crowd is highly appreciated because you are saving the natural resources of earth and lend a helping a hand to those who are in need at the same time. A wise man once said kill two birds in one stone!


We would encourage you to connect your Facebook with pitchIN before you pitch to the project. If not, your pitch will be identified as "anonymous" in the Project Page. However, if you choose to pitch anonymously, pitchIN would still have your information. We think it would be just awesome if we can see and identify our supporters in the wall of pitchers.


A pitcher/pledger does not need a PayPal account to pitch or pledge. What he/she needs is a credit card (Mastercard/Visa) or a debit card.

However, if you are not comfortable doing an online pitch/pledge - you can transfer the money directly to the pitchIN account as follows:

Maybank 564892100684

WATCHTOWER AND FRIENDS SDN BHD is the company that owns and runs pitchIN.

However, the person must send pitchIN the proof of transfer by attaching the receipt to the email address: [email protected] with the Subject Heading: RAINBOWS. Upon receiving that, the folks at pitchIN can then quickly update the project page.

Thank you again and we do hope you will support the project!


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