#RecyclingWithPurpose by The Fourth R (T4R)

Contact: Alicia Anne Patrick

A flagship project that provides sustainable financing to NGOs in need while solving waste issues in Malaysia through purposeful recycling

RM 5,480

pledge of RM 60,000 goal

28 July 2021 11 September 2021


Project Summary


Looking for a way to make a change? Do you have a cause you’re passionate about? What if we told you that you could take care of Mother Earth and support a social cause at the same time? Good news! We at The Fourth R can help to transform your trash into impactful cash to support your cause, thrusting a sense of purpose into your recycling effort.

Did you know that your backyard might be the next dumping site? Despite waste separation being mandatory in several states, recycling has yet to become a communal habit. How can we solve these issues and encourage good practice in our society?

Our solution: Making recycling purposeful and accessible!

To realise our  flagship project, #RecyclingWithPurpose, we are preparing for the launch of our pioneer recycling collection centre: Sunway Pyramid’s Recycling Centre by T4R at B2 Parking Lobby of Sunway Pyramid Mall, Subang Jaya in September 2021. In partnership with Sunway Pyramid and Trash4Cash, the centre will provide a digital, customer-centric recycling solution at a strategic and easily-accessible location. The proceeds that we gain from recycling your waste will be channeled directly to NGOs and charities in need that are aligned to your purpose. 

The recycling journey at our centre consists of 5 stages :

  1. Dropping off your recyclable items at our recycling centre
  2. Stating your purpose through our list of critical social causes or your own personal resolutions. We will match it with our pool of beneficiaries
  3. Your recyclable items will be recycled by our trusted recycling partner 
  4. A portion of the proceeds gained from your recyclables will be donated directly to our pool of beneficiaries 
  5. We collect data throughout the value chain and provide you with tailored insights

The project has initiated meaningful collaboration to fit in with your sense purpose through our chosen pool of beneficiaries who are working hard to create impact in the following critical social areas:

  1. Environment: Global Environment Centre 
  2. Disaster Relief, Emergency: Humanity Heroes Foundation
  3. Education: Hands for Education
  4. Poverty: PERTIWI 
  5. Women and Family: Monsters Among Us

So, why should you support us? As a young Social Enterprise, raising capital to deliver our vision is a challenge. With your support to raise a total of RM60k, we will be able to successfully implement our project in terms of launching (47%), operations (25%), marketing initiatives (25%) and technology solutions (3%). We understand that there are currently many other causes in need, however we strongly believe that donations towards our project can create a massive ripple effect in providing sustainable financing through what would otherwise be considered worthless: your waste. In the long run, with your help and success of this project, we will be able to set up more centres all over the nation and support an even wider range of neglected NGOs. 

The timeline of the project is as below:

  • Mar '21 - Apr '21 : Project conceptualisation
  • May '21 - Jul '21 : Securing partners and project planning
  • Aug '21 : Finalising operations and centre development
  • Sep '21 : Launching of #RecyclingWithPurpose as Sunway Pyramid's Recycling Centre by T4R in Subang Jaya
  • Feb '22 : End of 6-month pilot project and post mortem. BAU if project exceed minimum business threshold. 

As a thank-you for supporting us, you will receive:

Tier 1 (Everyone): Regardless of your donation value, you will receive updates from The Fourth R such as our major milestones, launching events and our impact

Tier 2 (RM 100-RM 299): In addition to receiving updates, you will be entitled to a Tealive e-voucher to purchase two drinks at RM10. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only valid at Tealive Sunway Pyramid Mall
  • Valid for drinks priced at RM 7.00 and below only
  • Not valid with other promotions
  • Valid for take aways only
  • Available for the first 200 donors

Tier 3 (More than RM300): In addition to receiving updates and a Tealive e-voucher, T4R will donate RM100 to your beneficiaries of choice

If you’re still reading this, we hope that you share our hopes of making recycling a purposeful practice! Your contributions will be valuable for us to begin our journey, curate and spread the message of sustainability in Malaysia, and help bring to life our vision of recycling that is easy, purposeful and accessible. 

Remember, being sustainable isn’t hard, but reversing the damage will be. 


Who are we? The Fourth R is an aspiring Social Enterprise that aims to push for the transformation of the 3R initiatives through the concept of purpose, encouraging individuals and the community to lead a more sustainable lifestyle while supporting other social causes through our pool of NGOs and charity organisations.  What drives you, drives us!

Visit us at: 
Website: www.t4r-project.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/T4R.Project
Instagram: www.instagram.com/t4r.project/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/t4r-project

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Hello fellow T4R-ians! 


We are delighted to announce that we have reached RM3,372 as of today for our crowdfunding campaign! As an aspiring social enterprise in its infancy, being able to achieve this amount in our third week is a huge milestone for us, and we are happy to know that there are people out there who are showing interest in #RecyclingWithPurpose project. 


For your update, we have finalised our 5 beneficiaries:

  • PERTIWI (Poverty and Homeslessness)
  • Monsters Among Us (Women and Family)
  • Hands for Education (Education)
  • Humanity Heroes Foundation (Disaster Relief and Safety)
  • Global Environment Centre (Environment)

On top of this, we are currently finalising details of the collection centre with our hosting partner, Sunway Pyramid, and vendors. We are excited to be bringing our vision to life despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic. 


We would like to give a huge shout of appreciation to you, our generous donors, who have contributed! Your support for our project means the world to us, and we are now driven as ever to keep pushing for our goal.


However, we are still quite far from our aim of RM60,000. 


In addition to our own vehement marketing efforts, we urge you to share this campaign to anyone you know who is passionate about the environment; spread the word so that we can realise our goal of a Q4 2021 launch. 


We’ll keep you posted on more updates, so stay tuned!

  • Instagram: @t4r.project
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/T4R.Project 
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/t4r-project/ 
  • Website: www.t4r-project.com

P/S: For those interested to donate while having their Tealive, we still have 193 vouchers left so grab yours now!

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