Contact: Atiqullah is an online platform to search Business Based On Location.

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6 May 2019 20 June 2019


Project Summary

Hi, my name is Atiqullah. I'm the founder of's platform.

Introduction is an online search website/platform which listed business information that will be shown on preferred user location.

Business owner will put a link of their website/blog or media sosial account for promoting their product or service or themself like an agent.

While the user can quickly find what business they are looking for and decide to do the business which nearest to them or any location preferred.

Why We Want To Do It
Today doing business is very challenging especially when we dont have enough budget for marketing. Today more people doing the same business making promoting the business will require a lot of money to spend on advertising. Its not competitive for those who did not have big money capability.

I have seen many business owner did have best knowledge and can explain well about their product/service or solution, but always struggled to keep doing business because its so hard to get new customer unless they are constantly spending money on advertising online or offline everyday.

That why REKEMEN platform is founded to reduce business competition, and the way we are going to do it is by LOCATION because a location is unique, so we believe it can be a factor to convert user becoming a buyer especially when user is looking for something/someone within their area.

Besides that, platform is like an online 'promoter' 24 hours a day.

Those all with affordable price tag.

And for user also can benefit from having a straight forward way to search WHAT/WHO they are looking for. We believe this can be a great experience for user for get things done.

What We Need
If you believe what we doing will help users and entrepreneurs, please support us. We need at least RM 20,000 to accelerate this journey.

Our current progress now:

  1. We registered our business with SSM for the name REKEMEN ENTERPRISE on Feb 2019.
  2. Our platform is 1.0version, is already live but not ready (onhold) for listings due to not having promotion budget.

For starting we will open listing for HOMESTAY business only, as we wanted to monitor the operation 1st. We can see with minimum RM20K budget, we can start promoting the platform to get noticed by users and entrepreneurs as much as fast as we can.

To do that we planned to paid some Malaysia famous sosial media influencers on instagram to talk about our platform. Besides that, we will spent on fb advert and also buy several fb posting slot advertising offered by sosial media page in Malaysia which have high number of liked in their page, to make postings about the rekemen platform. We will also try to make high number of impression in google advert by displaying out banners on some Malaysia famous websites.

Along that, we also spend to upgrade current website to version2.0 for more features. This time we plan to use a profesional freelance programmer. Since version1.0 is done by myself, self-taugh programmer.

In summary what are things we mostly do with the fund are:

  1. Buy fb post advertising slot from media company.
  2. Run daily own fb posting advertising with RM30 minimum budget.
  3. Pay some famous instagram Influenzers.
  4. Run google ads for Banner Display on some famous website/blogger.
  5. Upgrade the website.

The budget will be spending wisely within a timeframe of 4 to 6-month at least.

What You Get
Your contribution actually make this platform came true. Thank you. And as for reward of your fund contribution, we will put in YOUR NAME in our company story/about for minimum 1-years period. You can link your name to your own website or your media sosial account. Thank you again!

Other Ways You Can Help
You can always contribute by sharing this campaign to your friends and family. We really appreciate it and THANK YOU!


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