University Startup Challenge 2021 : Roomus

Contact: Benedict Yeo

Everyone Can Live Better

RM 150

pledge of RM 2,500 goal

1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary

Eveyone Can Live Better

Roomus is a data-driven asset management and residential service platform that provides high-quality rental life by providing a mid-to-high-end lifestyle for an aspiring living space to university students.

  • We are providing affordable yet comfortable living space to University Students and Labour Force.
  • We are aiming to enhance the living livestyle of University Students and Labour Force.
  • We are providing job opportunities or side-hustling to ease the burden of University Students and Labour Force
  • We believe the influence of contributor allow us to achieve our mission.

Coming together is the Begining, Staying together is Progress, Working together is Success - Henry Ford


Market Pain Point

From the research and analysis, the market are forced to face accomodation problems in their journey of such as lacking post-rental services after a tenancy agreement is signed . Therefore, the market is urged to search for a hassle-free solution in order to enjoy their live.  Hence Roomus is providing the New Rental model for long-term rental with the Centralization Management, Standardization Renovation and Online Service.

Rent, Serve, Continuos Support - Roomus 


What We Offer

As a trustworthy enterprise, reliability of all listings is guaranteed. All houses have signed a long-term lease contract with the owner to ensure the stability of the ROI; The home design and layout are combined with the principle of residential circulation, and the professionally qualified decoration company conducts high-quality environmental protection decoration, and improves tenants’ residential satisfaction through diversified post-rental services.



About the fund utilization

  • We are looking for startup cost of a minimum of  RM2500.
  • We will utilize the funds to acquire the property unit during this pandemic era with lower cost. 
  • The funds utilization including the setup fees of the product.
  • The funds will be fully return to the contributor if the target is not met within 60 days.



About the project timeline

  • Roomus is currently following the progress of the project schedule listed above
  • The product implementation and marketing strategies is operating by the team Roomus.
  • The collaboration between universities and Roomus is also having a smooth discussion.


Check out the pitch video below for a better understanding on Roomus,

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