Run For Hope 2021

Contact: Alex Shim Chung Siong

Charity virtual run organized by undergraduates from UTM , majority of the profit will donate to SESO Malaysia

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1 September 2021 11 September 2021


Project Summary


Introduction/Background of Run For Hope 

Run For Hope is a charity run organized by undergraduates under the ‘Japanese Culture Club’. The first Run for Hope was held on 11th November 2018, and around 350 participants out of 437 in the registration list showed up. The event took place in front of MJIIT building, so as the flag-off point. Run For Hope 2018 planned a route of 5km in the Jalan Maktab and Jalan Kent area. The route of 5km included some distance inside the campus.

Run for Hope successfully established collaboration with H.O.P.E (Homeless & Orphan Pet Exist). H.O.P.E is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which is located in Pekan Nanas, Johor. H.O.P.E is a 100% NO-KILL animal shelter for all breeds of dogs and cats. They are currently sheltering over 2000 homeless dogs and cats. At the end of the event, we have donated 70% of the profits we earned from this event to H.O.P.E to support the insufficient amount of nourishment supplied to those innocent souls.

Run For Hope will be held again, estimated from 1st September 2021 to 15th September 2021. This time, the Japanese Culture Club (JCC) decided to organize together with the Japanese Club (JC) from UTM JB. The number of registrations is estimated to be 600 participants. Run For Hope 2021 will be a virtual run instead of a physical run. It is due to the difficulties for committees in going back to campus and taking care of committees and participants' safety and health. This event will open to all UTM students, the staffs and the public to participate, and there will be two categories which are 5km and 10km. In this virtual run, we will use running applications in smartphones to record their running route, distance and time. A period is given to the participants to complete the run, and participants will receive a medal and t-shirt after completing the run


Many low-income families face financial problems during this pandemic-COVID 19 due to the recession of the economy. As a part of communities, the Run For Hope 2021 committees wish to use this opportunity to lend a hand to them. This year, we will cooperate with SESO Malaysia to donate the event's profit. SESO Malaysia is a non-profit enterprise that combats food waste and food poverty. They have cooperated with few media to promote their enterprises, such as The Edge Malaysia and Lite FM. They are spreading awareness and doing some projects to tackle food waste and food poverty. For example, SESO will collect surplus at local supermarkets, grocery stores, and restaurants and turn them into nutritious meals and give to those in need. Through this series of events they also help to build communities indirectly. In this pandemic, they deliver boxes of kindness and weekly food distribution to ensure that the vulnerable part of the community is supported during this pandemic. Run For Hope's donations will be used as the fund when they provide the delivering boxes of kindness and buy the surplus from the store.



The objective of this event is to promote a healthy lifestyle among student and staff in UTMKL, and the public, meanwhile raising funds for SESO Malaysia. The majority of the profits earned from this event will be donated to SESO Malaysia. Therefore, we invite your kind heart to support and sponsor this charity event as your generous contribution is very much needed to make this event successful.


Sponsorship can be given in terms of cash, sponsorship in kind, advertisement, et cetera. Regarding the return-on-investment, tax exemption for the amount of cash sponsored, advertisement on social media, et cetera will be provided.


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