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Liew Suet Li. Imagine another version of your younger self, avoiding every possible eye contact with the teacher in class because you can&

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Project Summary

Imagine another version of your younger self, avoiding every possible eye contact with the teacher in class because you can't comprehend what is written on the board. Imagine seeing your friends entering university and you, you can barely understand what is stated on the application form.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you so little as emphatized with the imagination of the other version of your younger self, you might understand why i'm running this project.

A research by Evans et. al (2010) conducted in 27 countries, has shown that it is not your parents' educational background, their income level or your socioeconomic status that will determine your success in school and career. The research concluded that the biggest predictor to a child's academic success is actually the number of books he/she has at home.

My name is Suet Li and I'm a Teach For Malaysia fellow and an English teacher in a rural school in Negeri Sembilan.

This research is the basis of my project, where I aim to provide books to 30 students with low literacy level from SMK Teriang Hilir, the school where I'm currently teaching. These students will be selected based on their interest, level of commitment to attend the weekly reading sessions, and their current literacy level.

Located in a rural village in Negeri Sembilan, a lot of my students come from an environment where education is not highly valued, especially not at home. From this project, I hope to increase their literacy rate by providing them access to books and by creating a learning environment in their homes.

Once a week, a reading session will be held in the local town hall where the 30 students AND their parents will attend. They will be given books to read and will then bring those books home to add to their home libraries (currently, the selected students have less than 5 books at home). In the weekly reading sessions, these students and their parents will engage in interactive reading activities that will both be educational and motivational.

The money raised will be used to buy 750 English books (25 books per student). These books are selected based on their level of rigor and will be tailored to each child's current reading level.

It is hard to change the life trajectories of children whose paths have been determined for them based on their existing environment. The students involved in this project are mostly at least 4-5 years behind their grade level. I truly believe that the only way to break this cycle of illiteracy is by providing them the access to books and involving their parents and community as well.

We thank you for your support to Sponsor A Child To Read!

Suet Li

"A Project by A Teach For Malaysia Fellow"

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