University Startup Challenge 2021: Afterkelas

Contact: Mifzal Salihin

A marketplace & an e-learning platform to match University Students as tutors with Upper Secondary School students for SPM preparation.

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1 September 2021 16 October 2021

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Project Summary

Remember how you felt when you joined high school. The excitement of moving up a level in your studies was overwhelming. Your dream of becoming that great person sounded real, and somehow, you knew hard work would get you there…!

All A's All the Time became your motto, and filled with so much hope, mum and dad assured you their support! You started burning the midnight oil, reading voluminous books, and consulting classmates just to maintain those high scores!

Like every student out to make their parents proud, you made every sacrifice. Cut your hours of play, joined useful group discussions, read books during your free time….and did everything you could to get the A's. And yes, things began to look good, but the results weren't satisfying! A little more needs to be done to get better scores….and not just digging dip into the books but finding help from the right person!

Sometimes the secret to improving your performance doesn't lie in the books. You'll be surprised to find out that the high-performing students in your class don't read as much as you do. In fact, they spare enough time to play and rest! Not because they've got supernatural brains, but they have discovered the benefits of working with someone who's excelled in the subjects…. a TUTOR!


A marketplace and an e-learning platform to match high achieving university students as tutors with Upper Secondary’s high school students in the subject of Mathematics and Sciences for SPM prep.

Whether it’s a geometry concept that’s not sinking, a chemical formula that’s challenging to balance, an anatomical part to learn by heart, a Physics topic that sounds like Greek. have got you covered.

Watch our introductory video of Click play to view the video. 


Chemistry DLP Form 5 Open Online Classroom conducted at Afterkelas envisioned to deliver the best online and physical educational infrastructure together with outstanding human resources to assist students to get the best grade possible. Our aim is to provide assistance and avenues for students to boost their grades in SPM. As a hub for every academic enthusiast, wishes to take the education industry to a whole new level – to create interconnectivity for students, to improve their learning experience and for university students to contribute to education development.

Tutor Mifzal with his equipment for Online Tutoring

As an initiator of change, our goal is to eliminate the difficulty in finding tutors and programmes for the DLP students, provide a comfortable and convenient learning experience through our e-learning platform, while at the same time create an opportunity for over 66.31% of the 320,000 self-funded B40 University Students that are struggling to pursue higher education to get financial support, enhance their soft skills to prepare them before entering the job market and empower them to contribute to the education development. We wish to make a difference within the society, little by little by driving transformation among youths and teenagers!

Click here to watch Afterkelas pitch deck video (This pitch deck video is dated 22nd May 2021) for detail on our start-up venture.

Our Programmes

We offer 3 innovative customised programmes for the High School Upper Secondary students (Form 4 and Form 5): -

  • One-On-One Online Tutoring

“Personal education upgrading at your pace”.

A simple online classroom that consists of one student and one tutor. Classes will be conducted on a video conferencing platform. Students are free to choose to study the entire syllabus or a topic they are struggling to master with learning materials provided by the platform.

Tutor Mifzal on One-On-One Online DLP Tutoring with One of Our Students!

  • Open Online Classroom

“Revamp your conventional classroom experience from home”.

The classes consist of more than one student and are meant to tackle the entire syllabus. It’s more like a classroom experience, but much more convenient and interesting – And you get to learn from the comfort of your home.

Fizik Tingkatan 4 Bahasa Melayu Open Online Classroom Conducted By Tutor Waiz!

The following are the schedule for the “Open Online Classroom” programme for the year 2021.

Class Schedule for Open Online Classroom Form 4

Class Schedule for Open Online Classroom Form 5

  • Intensive Online Workshop

“A productive holiday is a holiday well spent”.

Online crash-course concept within a short time during the school break period. The program is set to last 2-5 days and includes answering technical questions to prepare students for the exams the best way there is.

Tutor Mifzal Conducting an Additional Mathematics DLP Online Workshop with 84 Students!

Our Modules

Our resources and coursework modules were digitally handwritten by our in-house content development team consisting of SPM high achievers and are only exclusively available at

If you find it challenging to tackle some topics in Mathematics and Sciences, you’ll find the modules useful. The learning curves are extensively covered to ensure concepts are crystal clear so that students do not run blank during exams. The modules are available in your preferred medium Bahasa Melayu or English.

Stay Ahead Unfairly with Our Coursework Modules!

Click play to watch more on our Coursework Modules:


What We Need 

Our goal for the campaign is to raise RM15,000 and your pledge to will be used for these 3 purposes.

1. Enhance further development of the e-learning platform,

We wish to further increase our learning materials available on the platform so that students can obtain a variety of references for self-study. At the same time, your pledge will be used in improving the overall design of the platform. website

2. R&D for “Hybrid Classroom Experience” Initiative.

We plan to use part of the contributions made to continue in our Research and Development (R&D) for “Hybrid Classroom set up” so that when the MCO ends, we could conduct physical and online classes simultaneously.

We believe that every individual has their own preferences, hence we would like to cater for both groups of students, those who would want to get face to face tutoring and those who would want to learn at the comfort of their home and from anywhere all over Malaysia.

Example of Hybrid Classroom Set-Up

3. Initiate a “Digital Lightboard Classroom Experience”

With your support, we would like to build our own Digital Lightboard that will be used to create video lessons for Maths and Sciences subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Additional Mathematics and Mathematics for form 4 and form 5 students for free at Afterkelas YouTube channel and on our e-learning platform.

With this initiative, we would be able to help students from all walks of life and different family backgrounds to learn conveniently without necessarily stepping out of the house.

Digital lightboard Set Up

Project Timeline

Our Projected Timeline & Goals for The Launching of

How Can I Help?

We have prepared interesting rewards for our pledgers. Please click here to view the list of the rewards or you can refer to the reward section.

Help us in this journey of ours. Join us and be a part of the change. Help us GROW, little by little we’ll make things better. Support, our Passion.

Our Success Stories

Within 8 months of operation, has about 70 plus students that have registered for over 160 classes on the platform. Over 15 registered tutors with another 10 more currently undergoing training. A team of 5 in-house coursework development personnel.  We are a team of highly accomplished, self-motivated university students with extraordinary academic achievements who are eager to transform into a prominent tutoring platform to help students in their SPM preparations.

Our Achievement Within 8 Months of Operation

Here's What Fellow Students Have to Say about our classes and our tutors!

Reviews from students of

Watch Testimonial Video by clicking play on this video.


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Should you have any inquiries regarding the pledges or the programmes, please reach out to +6019-7344001 (Admin of or +6019-3849300 (Mifzal Salihin, Executive Principal) through WhatsApp.


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