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University Startup Challenge 2021: Algae AquaTech Microalgae

Contact: Wan Arina Azrinor Yamin

Algae AquaTech produces ready-to-use concentrated microalgae cultures to help aquaculture growers with high-quality aquaculture feed.

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pledge of RM 10,000 goal

1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary


Hello, we are from Algae AquaTech.  We are a startup company based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  We aim to produce ready-to-use concentrated microalgae to help increase the aquaculture production of fish, shrimp, crab, and bivalves in Malaysia.  This campaign is done to collect funding for Algae AquaTech to buy raw materials and equipment to start up our business.


You Can Help and Be Part of Our Journey

Your support will be used to increase our microalgae production by buying standing column culture tanks (Figure 1)  so that can have more efficient and systematic management of culturing process.  Besides that, the volume of culture produced also can be tripled.  


Figure 1: Outdoor cultivation of Nannochloropsis sp. in a 200 L standing column

More detailed costing:
1. Culture room equipment including standing column culture tank, water gallons, air pump, and culture lamp = RM 4,000
2. Raw materials for microalgae culture media = RM6,000

Total fund needed = RM10,000


Our Impact to The Community

1.  Small and Medium Enterprise owners in aquaculture will get cheaper and faster options to obtain microalgae for their reared animals.

2.  Unemployed people, as we will offer job opportunities to the locals.  

3.  Government agencies such as DoF because microalgae production locally will reduce dependency on imported microalgae products.   


Risks & Challenges

We have limited access to basic equipment such as culture tanks and culturing space.  In addition, while microalgae have a wide range of applications in Malaysia, there is limited market knowledge of the need for microalgae production to meet local demand. 

Therefore, with this fund, we will be able to add more equipment to increase production.  Also, we plan to educate the public about the potential uses of microalgae in aquaculture that can be a source of income.

Figure 2: Indoor cultivation of Nannochloropsis sp. in a 2 L flask



Our Timeline

Other Ways You Can Help

Head to our Facebook page and website to book for consultation slot and get discount codes

You can also help by spreading the news about us! 

Thank you for the time taken to read our business journey.  We greatly appreciate your support and contribution in making our dream come true.

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    Bundle of 2 Starter cultures of choice.
    (Except Haematococcus).
    Please note that the dates of delivery may change. Any changes will be updated to backers.

    Estimated Delivery : 03/01/2022

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    Bundle of 2 concentrated cultures of choice.
    (Nannochloropsis and Chlorella).
    Please note that the dates of delivery may change. Any changes will be updated to backers.

    Estimated Delivery : 03/01/2022

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