University Startup Challenge 2021: AQUAPAUH MINIFARM

Contact: Nurfarwizah binti Adzuan Hafiz

Farming that does not need soil at all and a platform for you to earns money. Aquapauh, a new friendly farming method for your own benefits!

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1 September 2021 16 October 2021

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Project Summary

Help us collect modal to provide the B40 families our kit to gain more income without hustling!

Is AQUAPAUH worth your money?
The answer is a definite YES.

  1. Experiencing your farming nature on your own balcony and harvest them in only 28 days without the need for regular monitoring. 
  2. Able to gain extra money income or just simply eat what you grow!
  3. Become one of the heroes for B40 families to survive.

How AQUAPAUH can helps B40?
The B40 will be selected by Zakat Pulau Pinang

This is our future plan to establish as social enterprise that will help B40 later on.

We will build 10 kits as our kickstarter and develop more kits once we get the profit and then we'll help the community very very soon! Do contribute and support us to accomplish our crowdfunding mission!

Environmental point of view 

Aquaponics has become a promising solution to feed the rapidly growing global population with high productivity and low land and water use compared to hydroponic.
These data show it! It is proven that aquaponics is better than hydroponics in combating environmental issues.  

Comparison between the midpoint environmental impacts of aquaponics and hydroponics (in log scale). AD: fossil fuel abiotic depletion, GWP: global warming potential, AP: acidification potential, EP: eutrophication potential. Fig. 3. Comparison between the endpoint environmental impacts (single score) of aquaponics and hydroponics.
Comparison Between Aquaponic and Hydroponic
So by the data, AQUAPAUH came into an idea to create user-friendly aquaponic sets suitable for B40 families that are suitable for people who are living in the People's Housing Project (PPR).




“Aquapauh, a new friendly farming method for your own benefits!”

We are under-graduates of chemical engineering with the environment from UiTM who are concerned with environmental issues.
Some of us are coming from the B40 family thus it makes this issue close to our hearts.

  • AQUAPAUH Nature of Business: Agriculture & agro-technology.
  • Factors in selecting the proposed business: Implementing green-technology for the local B40 groups.

Too broke to donate? We understand. Really.

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