University Startup Challenge 2021: BetterFly System

Contact: Muhammad Ikmal bin Abdullah

A drone delivery platform to receive parcel directly to your house for high rise building residents.

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1 September 2021 16 October 2021

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Project Summary


BetterFly System is established to nurture the drone delivery ecosystem by providing facilities required for the safer and reliable delivery operation. In this campaign, we hope to raise fund to build a fully functional prototype for the receiving platform. With this we can accelerated the development of drone delivery application in Malaysia by opening a new market for it.


If you live in multi-storey building, you must have experienced some difficulties to receive your delivery items. Either your parcel is left unguarded downstairs or having to go down to receive from delivery man, it is too troublesome. Not to mention when you are not available at home, the parcel might lose or mistook by someone else. What if you are sick, alone and no one can help to pick up your lunch downstairs? Surely we did not want it to happen, right? 


To solve the problem, we create a personal ‘mailbox’ for drone delivery. We called it, receiving platform. It can receive your item that delivers using drone services. Since drone delivery is soon to be an alternative for delivery service, everyone should have their own platform attached to their house regardless how high you live. With this, you will no longer experienced the delivery problems as before. This will truly benefit you as high-rise building residents because drones can fly!

How it works

The receiving platform consists of retractable ‘arm’. It will extend when the drone approaches to receive the parcel in the ‘palm’ safely. The ‘arm’ will be retracted back and secure your parcel into the house.

User journey

  1. You purchase the receiving platform through BetterFly sales agents.
  2. You install the platform into your window frame (don’t worry, it’s simple, you can DIY).
  3. Now you can start order your items using drone delivery services available.
  4. You will be notified when the drone approaches. The platform will automatically receive your items to your house.

How BetterFly benefits you?

  1. Items delivers faster and directly to your house.
  2. Delivery operation is secured and safe.
  3. You will no longer go downstairs to pick up your items.
  4. Simple design makes the installation easy.


Target Market:

Fund Utilization

We aim to use to the money for:

  1. Buying raw materials including metals, tools, electronics, etc.
  2. Build and develop several design of fully functional prototypes.
  3. Buying open source drone for delivery simulation.
  4. Testing and demonstration.

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