University Startup Challenge 2021: BURGERBAE


BAE stand for Burger Artisans Engineering which we empower unemployed layman to be a burger expert in Malaysia

RM 410

pledge of RM 10,000 goal

20 October 2021 4 December 2021


Project Summary

The introduction of BURGERBAE is from the word BURGER where it is our signature homemeade product and BAE is Burger Artisans Engineering. Here begins the place for a burger expert trained and qualified by BURGERBAE. For a year and a month at BURGERBAE, we were assisted by Yayasan Pelajaran Johor under the Duta Jauhar Mahasiswa Harapan Masyarakat and FAMA Malaysia Project. To date, we have Successfully produced 2 burger artisans for 2 BURGERBAE stall branches and 1 processing plant in the Pontian District FAMA Office.

What We Need & What You Get

Looking for our planning, the target of RM10,000 is very sufficient when in the Early Growth phase. This is because we are still in the product development phase. If the value is divided, it is as below:-

- 20%, RM2,000 will be used for the addition of stalls of at least 2 stalls.

- 72%, RM7,200 will be used to factory capacity. This is because in the long run, our factory is still not enough to accommodate 5 to 10 stalls, so among the much needed machines are the patty molding machine and the B50 mixer.

- 8%, RM800 is for the use of training modules every week at the BURGERBAE center and collected by all our stall branches.

The Impact


The uniqueness of BURGERBAE is that it is run by asnaf who had to be laid off by the family due to the family economy. Even so, we make BURGERBAE a center to unearth their skills and abilities by recognizing them as Burger Artisans upon reaching the KPIs and completing the Training period.

During the year BURGERBAE was established, among the successes of BURGERBAE are:-

- LOI with Borneo Industry in 2020

- First place Borneo BIZZCAMP, 2020

- Finalist Micropitching 2021, Organized by UTM Skudai

- Finalist Duta Jauhar Mahasiswa Anak Johor 2021

- LOI with Yayasan Pelajaran Johor

Project Timeline

Through our timeline, within end of this year, we will enhance our project with adding up 2 stalls in Johor area.

Risks & Challenges

The challenges we face at the moment are not huge, but if the pursuit is farther and faster it is impossible to be assured of speed. This is because to empower someone to be a leader in every stall does not take a short time. Changing the attitude from the original is very difficult. Therefore, if asked why not build a franchise instead of branches? Looking for the franchise, we also open to the public with minimum fee RM3,500 for a complete stall with supported by BURGERBAE's SUPPORT.

Other Ways You Can Help

Otherwise, we very much welcome you to be more vocal on social media, spread the BURGERBAE brand that is active in Benut, Pontian and in Kangkar Baharu, Yong Peng from Burger Artisan who has been trained for 3 months in a row.

And that's all there is to it.

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