University Startup Challenge 2021 : CartGO


A mobile app for the construction industry's to find a suppliers

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pledge of RM 25,000 goal

9 September 2021 24 October 2021


Project Summary


Contractors have trouble searching for reliable suppliers on construction materials due to the demand of the project



Localized construction material market aggregator that can search their preferred materials in a specific location


Value proposition

Easy access to find product, location, and product retail to find the best deal.


Target Market

Age: 25-40 years old​​​ Status: Contractor Class G1-G2 (Small-medium scale project contractors)​​


Fund Utilization

Amount (RM) Apps setup: RM20000 Marketing promotion: RM5000


Project Timeline:

  1. Prototype Development (2 months)
  • Building prototype
  • Tech check
  • Apps stability
  1. Commercialization (3 months)
  • Mass marketing
  • Partnership with the developer company
  • Market to the target market
  1. Product Development (2 months)
  • Perfecting the apps
  • Apps stability
  • Apps feedback
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