University Startup Challenge 2021: Chilly

Contact: Ng Kar Mun Carmen

Your 24/7 online travel exhibition. Chilly is a platform which provides a connection between you and travel agencies

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1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary

Being a working adult whose daily routine is always occupied with jobs, having little or no time to plan for your vacations. Some of them are inexperience and might find difficulties to manage routes for the trips. Thus, Chilly is your savior.


Chilly is a platform which provides a connection between you and travel agencies with various comprehensive travel packages. You are free to choose any package based on your interests and expected budget.


Chilly provides a channel for travel agencies to have a 24/7 online travel exhibition without a single cost. Travel agencies are free to publish packages on Chilly. Commission is only charged on the agencies after the trip is completed. It is completely risk-free for them. 


Users may access Chilly any time, anywhere. No more spending time to visit off-line travel agency or MATTA Fair. Comparing cost among packages offered by different travel agencies with just single click.


Chilly will first targeting Perak, one of top locations visited by local travelers, expanding gradually towards the whole Malaysia.




Fund Usage

About fund usage, 50% of the funds raised during Chilly's development phase will be utilised to gain access to professional development tools, with the remaining 20% going toward sales and marketing, 20% going toward recruiting individuals with the right skillset, and 10% going towards additional infrastructure.




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