University Startup Challenge 2021: e-Bin

Contact: Hui Wen Tang

e-Bin is your one-stop recyclable waste management solution. We help to deliver and sell them to recycling companies.

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20 October 2021 4 December 2021


Project Summary

Knowing that the world is experiencing climate change, e-Bin is proposed to solve the issue whereby people know recycling is the right thing to do but are reluctant in doing it due to the hassle caused. With e-Bin, a one-stop solution is available through an application to ease the process of delivering recyclable wastes to recycling companies. Easy usage and timely response are the value we uphold in e-Bin. With just a few clicks of the button, appointments are made and our personnel will reach out to you for the waste delivery. Not only that, the salvage fee is also credited to customers enabling them to earn side income without stepping out of the house. 

Our target markets are the building management and citizens living in landed property. For high rise residential buildings or commercial buildings, their management team will be approached by us to make use of this application to make appointments for regular disposal of recyclable waste which will bring add-on value to their facility management. As for customers who require irregular disposal, they can make one time off appointment through the application too. 

Therefore, we believe that this solution can help to achieve some of the SDGs such as Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

With this, the funds obtained will be used for application development. The experienced app developers will be paid in order to produce the proposed prototype. Once the funds are allocated, the team together with the app developer, will conduct a thorough market study within 2 months and develop the prototype for the subsequent 4 months. After that, the application will be tested and be rectified for the next 3 months. 

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