University Startup Challenge 2021 : Farm On Demand


An online platform to Sell, Buy or Rent Out Farm Equipment, Machines and Basic Agriculture Essentials

RM 5

pledge of RM 73,000 goal

1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary

Project Oneliner

Farm On Demand

Problem Statement:

1. Farmers are having difficulty in finding and buying farming equipments because it is expensive and they lack of resources to get it.

2. Farmers who own farming equipments like tractors find it hard to maximize its usage because they don't use it regularly.

Problem Statement


We provide an online platform where farmers can sell or rent out farm equipment,  machines and basic agriculture essentials.


Value Proposition:

- Online Platform for Agriculture

- Delivery Service Included

 - AI for recommendation based on farm type and find the nearest and best equipment suggestion.

Value Proposition

Target Market:

Equipment Owners - Individual or Companies

Farmers - Those in need of agriculture machinery and equipments

Target Market


We planned to do field test on September for Phase 1 and December 2021 for Phase 2. After that, first Product Launch on June 2022 and will continue for another Product Launch (Phase 2)  on August 2022. Phase 2 will be the better enhance version of the Phase 1. We will also periodically upgrade new features to our system.


Customer Usage Journey:

- -> Selling and Rent out

  1. List Your Equipment - Enter your equipment details (eg: name, location, type etc.)
  2. Set your price & policy - Set your own selling price. Choose the policy as per your convenience.
  3. Sit back and earn - Accept bookings. Get amount after successful job completion.

--> Buying and Renting

  1. Choose Equipments - Pick your preferred equipments. Then, choose to buy or rent.
  2. Contact Seller - Contact seller for any enquiries or arrangements of equipment
  3. Proceed to payment - Payment via direct deposit into bank account

Customer Usage Journey

What we need:

We are raising funds for Marketing, Salary and App Development. The image below shows the fund utilization of Farm On Demand. 

Fund Utilization

Team Members:

Liyana Zaiman, Strategy Planner

Farish Hariri, App Developer

Hanisa Afandi, Designer & Multimedia

Noraizah Syzawani, Investor Relation

Team Members


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