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University Startup Challenge 2021: FarmBid

Contact: Aloysius Chiong Zhen Quan

Hi there! Help us to help our farmers by supporting us! A bidding e-commerce platform to provide fresh produces from farmers to customers.

RM 7,690

pledge of RM 7,500 goal

1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary


We are the founders of FarmBid, a revolutionary bidding e-commerce platform on the mobile application to provide fresh produces from the farmers to customers. We believe that farmers are the key to the balance of the ecosystem.

Help us by backing up this project so that we can help out our farmers by developing our solution and reach them;
Your help means a lot to us;
Back up, and share our solution with your friends and families and let more people know about us! 


Why do we exist?

Agricultural projects in Malaysia are frequently structured as smallholdings owned by rural families and households. The majority of these small-scale agricultural have a small ability to raise income above the families' subsistence needs. This reflects the rural sector's limited production capability, which is reliant on the immediate needs of the household. Furthermore, the products are perishable. The farmers are often left out from any society-friendly policies due to the limited access to market information in rural areas. 

It is commonly known that the agriculture sector is the most fundamental, yet the most under-appreciated and unrewarded sector of all. The agriculture sector is very unpredictable as it always ties with many unstable factors which are enough to pose threats to the farmers' daily life. Some of those threats are:

  • Vicious market price fluctuation, 
  • Farmers' little access to accurate and latest marketing information, 
  • Unpredictable weather,
  • Lack of logistics, etc.

Who do we help?

Our target is our beloved farmers. We aim to help them to improve their overall living quality. Our farmers hope to earn more income and increase produces' turnover rate. They also hope to have more access to the external market so that they are capable of selling products at maximum productivity. By helping them, they can escape from the symbiotic relationship and exploitation of middlemen.

What do we provide?

The problem that we want to solve is to minimise the agriculture market exploitation and monopolisation by the middlemen/intermediaries, towards the farmers from the rural areas in Sarawak, Malaysia. 

Our business solution is FarmBid, an agricultural bidding platform on the mobile application. FarmBid is:

  • Bidding integrated e-commerce platform

  • Accurate and latest market information provider

The market behind FarmBid is the exploited farmers whose income is so low that maintaining the minimum basic needs of daily life. Furthermore, the location of rural farmers lacks the accessibility of logistics. The limited production capability of small farmers results in lower agriculture produces' turnover rate. All of the reasons mentioned are the handicap that the middlemen can exploit for their own benefits. Besides that, from the end consumer's market whereby they always buy products at a higher rate.

How are we unique?

Through FarmBid, we are able:

  • To increase the farmers' financial power by providing a bidding integrated e-commerce platform on the mobile application to increase their income.
  • To improve the accessibility of the market as well as accurate and latest market information by providing a transparent market information platform to the farmers and end-consumers.
  • To produce agriculture products with lower selling prices by simplifying the long and repetitive supply chain to enable end-consumer to buy products at a more reasonable price.

Our milestones

Our milestones

How do we utilise funds?

The categories of the funds utilised are broken down as follow:

  • Product Development - Hosting Service etc
  • Customer Acquisition - Reward System etc
  • Operation Expenses



*Subject to changes in the future

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