University Startup Challenge 2021: For Local Bee Farmer

Contact: Chan Jian Cheng

Enhance accessibility of local farmers in producing quality and hygienic stingless bee honey by environmental sustainable method.

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pledge of RM 4,500 goal

3 September 2021 18 October 2021


Project Summary

Nectar is a Social Enterprise with a business model of market intermediary run by a group of students that wish to benefit and contribute to the community. We provide education to the community to increase the awareness of this existence being (bee) and introduce a new method of beekeeping such as Mustapha Hive to reduce logging occurs. Train on the trainers are also conducted to ensure the locals farmers have the minimum ideas on how to conduct a more sustainable beekeeping method. Involve people from low income communities in packaging the processed raw honey. In order to sustain ourselves and constantly impacting the community, Nectar offers a  uniqueness of stingless bee honey which produce by an eco friendly method, Mustapha Hive and being processed by HILDA (Honey Interlinked Dehydration and Dispenser Apparatus) to avoid any food security issues. Image below are Machine HILDA and Mustapha Hive.

About this fundraising

Mainly the fund raised in this event will be used in few way

  • Community workshop for our beneficiary who is the local bee farmer
  • Enhancing of the entire organization including team compitancy, product developement, market research on the community needs and so on

The Impact

the entire project is impacting

  • Acquire local farmer with various skill such as sustainable bee harvesting method, laboratory techniques and modern buisness skill.
  • Honeny related food security issues that is happening in our community.
  • Threaten stingless bee population


September 2021- 2nd product developement & Workshop planning

October 2021- Virtual workshop related to stingless bee honey launching

November 2021- Site visit to our beneficiary



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Met with Mr Muhamad Hamzah Bin Abdul Hamid from Division Of Industry & Community Network (BJIM) to discuss and align on the upcoming community workshop. The workshop will be held on 18/10/2021 and mainly involve of local farmer who is doing stingless bee farming and local farmer who is interested expand their farm in stingless bee farming. Topic of workshop include the stingless bee harvesting method.

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  • RM 200

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    A side visit and guide to Ecohub, the place we set up the hive. Only limited for those who residential at Pulau Pinang or able to come to Pulau Pinang for the side visit.

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    An opportunity as a volunteer in participating our community project. Only limited for those who residential at Pulau Pinang or able to come to Pulau Pinang for the side visit.

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    A bottle of pure and quality honey with aroma fruity taste as an appreciation gift

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