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University Startup Challenge 2021: GardEase Smart Garden

Contact: Mohd Ridzwan Syah bin Sani

We are a startup company to be that provide control into your crops because we create a 'Smart Garden where you can Garden with Ease'.

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pledge of RM 5,000 goal

1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary


Short Summary

Hi Green Lovers,
We are GardEase a fellow green lovers that wanted to realize smart gardening into a more household in Malaysia. Why you might ask ? It's simple, gardeners tend to lost interest when their plant is dying. One of the things that cause plant to die is lack of water.

So, we provide an alert and control for our user where they can get alerted and also control the basic gardening like watering the plant from their mobile application from anywhere around the world as long as there is internet connectivity.

What We Need & What You Get

One of the main reason we are here because we wanted to make our smart garden affordable to all because in the market right now the price is RM1000++. Hence, we need help in funding our research to get the best combination ever for our products.

Not all the funding will go into research purpose, we also wanted to promote gardening because we believe in word "Small Things Matters". One garden might not help that much to the environment but what about a thousand garden ?

The Impact

Our project will help gardeners especially the beginners because:

  • We provide tutorial for them who just started.
  • We provide alert if anything happen to the garden.
  • We provide control if emergency happen.

Hence, we hope that our product can led to less wastage on gardening either plant dying or abandoned gardening tools.

Risks & Challenges

The risk and challenges is quite low because :

  • Our product is currently in development and already pass prototype phase.
  • The only challenges we face right now is the size of the garden. This can be solved when the product go into market and we get feedback from the customers.

Thats all from GardEase , Thank You ! #GoGreen

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    This reward will provide you :

    1. GardEase Smart Garden
    2. GardEase Mobile Application with 3 Month Premium Features (Cost RM10/Month per user so you can enjoy on multiple smart garden).
    3. Set of gardening essentials (Soil,Seed etc.)

    Estimated Delivery : 01/01/2022

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    This reward will provide you :

    1. GardEase Smart Garden
    2. GardEase Mobile Application
    3. Set of gardening essentials (Soil,Seed etc.)

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    You will get GardEase Mobile application where you can use the diary and marketplace and also 3 months premium features when you buy GardEase Smart Garden.

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