University Startup Challenge 2021: Giggers.MY

Contact: Muhammad Afdhal khan

An on-demand platform to provide you with high skilled professionals that suits your business needs.

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1 September 2021 16 October 2021

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Project Summary


In the current epoch, many professionals got retrenched due to a negative economic growth. Fingers are pointed to the antagonist of all antagonist, COVID-19. Though it definitely looked like they are here to stay coupled with the economic recovery period, alternatives must be an option. Here we are, Giggers Malaysia hoping to be the protagonist of the nation. We are bringing to you a solution like no other. We strive to be the fulcrum of change to how Malaysians earn their income.



Social Impact

1. Provide income opportunities for unemployed graduates and retrenched workers to earn extra income especially during these trying where opportunities are scarce.

2. Provide upskilling and re-skilling programs to increase competency and capability diversification for the of gig workers.

3. Provide a fair ground for gig workers to not be judged based on their physical appearance and capabilities ie. Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) to enjoy similar opportunity.


What is the timeline of delivery if I back this project?

Please follow these steps:
1. Choose a suitable reward package for you.
2. Make your payment through PitchIn platform.
3. Email proof of payment at [email protected]
4. We will schedule your choosen reward package delivery via communication through email.


Fund Utilization

A. While developing our product, we are excited to start our journey by diversifying our business model through providing professional services such as :
1. resume and interview workshop

2.personal branding via LinkedIn workshop

3. Increasing efficiency while working workshop

4. How to get promoted workshop

B. Our funding goal:

RM 5000

C. Where will the funding go:

We are currently in the midst of developing the solution by validating our prototype therefore, your kind backing will be used to purchase cloud-based software for multiple users and tools for gig workers training/up-skilling program.

D. Your backing has a very meaningful impact in multiple ways:

1. More SMEs and micro-businesses can enjoy high quality professional work for their business.

2. Jobs creation for many gig workers in our platform.

Our Project Timeline:
1. 30% User Validation by 31 August 2021.

2. 60% User Validation by 30 September 2021.

3. 90% User Validation by 16 October 2021.

4. Product Market Fit Validation by 30 October 2021.

5. Minimum Viable Product by 31 October 2021.


Our CSR:

We provide free tuition for students from various age groups from primary to university students. 




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Razer Merchant Services allows payment using credit card or other online banking services (FPX, CIMBClicks, Maybank2u and etc.)

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