University Startup Challenge 2021: GoPreen

Contact: Khushairy Sohaimi

GoPreen is the first ever biodegradable paper bag made up of Pineapple Crown. This preserves the environment from the usage of plastic bag.

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1 September 2021 16 October 2021

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Project Summary

Project Summary

GoPreen is the first ever biodegradable paper bag made up of Pineapple Crown. This preserves the environment from the usage of plastic bag.


Nowadays, plastic bags are much more expensive and heavily damages the environment. It contains a lot of harmful chemicals and people are ignoring the impact of it, and what harmful things they have caused to the environment. We want to be the pioneer of a cleaner environment.


We proudly introduce to you, our unique biodegradable paper bag which is designed and compatible with the sustainability of our environment. It is fully made from using Pineapple Crown and don't worry,  it is affordable.


GoPreen will target retailers from Kedah and Penang in the first phase and we will provide them with the options to customize their bag. The price will be charged according to their size, quantity and design. The retailers can make their purchase through our websites after registration.



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We are raising funds to allow us to produce a better quality of the paper bag and slowly, will be able to achieve our main goal which is less usage of plastics in the world, starting with Malaysia. Instead, our GoPreen product will expand and persuade other retailers to use our product for packaging. 

With the funds, we will be able to purchase necessary equipments and materials to produce our product and develop our prototype to the next level. Such as printing machines, paint quality, machinery and so on. The overall quality will be enhanced and hopefully will be able to be even more durable. We will use the funds for other expenses that will include all the process and  the manufacturing of the GoPreen products. With your help, we will be able to produce at a faster pace and get GoPreen products out there to the consumers at a faster rate. Any extra funds will be allocated to this project and will use to buy a more efficient machinery.

To achieve our goals, we need your help. Any amount will be put into good use and turn this world, into a more environmental friendly place and sustain it to our future generation. Reduce plastics, use GoPreen. We believe that GoPreen can be the future of the packaging and not only it is unique, but it is biodegradable and is able to protect the environment.


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