University Startup Challenge 2021: Help Homemade Food Seller

Contact: Yi Ning

A one-stop HOMEMADE FOOD web app that connects all home chefs and university students. Enjoy HEALTHY and AFFORDABLE homemade food everyday!

RM 70

pledge of RM 2,500 goal

4 September 2021 19 October 2021


Project Summary

About the project

We are HomEat, your home-licious marketplace.

HomEat is aiming to be Grabfood but focusing more on a marketplace for homemade cooks to sell their meals. Our mission is to empower Malaysians to start building their own food businesses online and simultaneously providing a healthier meal to our university students.

We started this campaign, the idea was twofold:-

  • To raise funds for building a homemade food marketplace for our Malaysian community.
  • To raise funds for food banks in Malaysia.


  • University students that are studying out of their hometown find difficulty in discovering healthy, affordable home food. Students are often busy with academics where they neglected that consumption of food might affect their health.
  • Existing food marketplaces are highly saturated, focusing on restaurant food, causing home chefs to have low sales and exposure. Selling food on social media like Facebook and Instagram is a tiring and complicated process, especially when there is no sales and low outreach even though they spent much time in managing social media.
  • Home chefs often face difficulties in delivery and sales management throughout the day where they do not have a system for it.


We created a one-stop homemade food web app that connects all home chefs and university students across the country, allowing customers to discover healthy and affordable homemade food everyday even if they are out of their hometown.

With this, we provide university students with affordable and healthy homemade food, at the same time, home chefs can be benefited through increase in sales and online business exposure.

What’s so special with HomEat?

  1. We focus on providing university students who leave their home town in order to pursue their dream with everyday healthy meals.
  2. Sellers will be assessed to ensure the quality and hygiene level of food, to make sure our university students can consume the best and healthiest food.
  3. Eco-friendly food packaging initiatives by HomEat as a contribution to a greener Earth.

We build a home food lovers community to exchange ideas on recipes, food recommendations and build a bond among the community because we believe that homemade food goes beyond just food, it should be shared.


Business model

HomEat tries to make an impact on the community and the environment!

Marketplace - We charge a 15% commission for every sale made.

Delivery - We will be charging delivery fees at a lower rate.

What is the progress currently?

We are currently at Stage 2, developing our web app and building your community in Facebook! Do support us by joining our Facebook group!

Facebook community group link: HomEat Community Facebook Group


We are a team of university students. We work for university students to have a taste of home, making sure your children have a healthy meal!

It wasn’t just about us,it’s also about YOU! We have structured the rewards so that you could get more value for your pledge!

This is your chance to take advantage of the special deals exclusively to people who have pledged to HomEat - Your Home-licious Marketplace!


The higher your pledge, the more value and rewards you get in return! The more you contribute to the community!

We're aiming to hit RM2,500 at the end of this campaign. Just to entice you a little bit more, we're now putting up the names for pledges from RM50 - RM200!

How to pledge?

Do you want to support this project?

If the answer is, YES, all you have to do is:

  1. Click the big red button at the top of the page that says "Support This Project"
  2. Choose the amount you wish to pledge.
  3. Proceed with checkout via any method of payment that you prefer.

I Don't Have Enough Money, But How Can I Help?

Any contribution will do. Also, helping us spread the word would help us a lot! The more people that know about this project, the better.

Help us by just telling your friends helps us get closer to achieving our goals. Every ringgit counts, every contribution helps. We truly appreciate any help you contribute to us.

With your help, we can turn this into a reality!


1. What will you do with the money received?

The money that you have contributed will go to production and development of web apps and donate to non-profit old folks home.

2. How will you spend the 20% of funds raised to the non-profit old folks home?

We will buy the groceries and food needed by the old folks home using the amount of 20% of funds raised. You may get updated by following our social media pages.

3. How can I join as a seller/buyer/volunteer?

Please contact us through our social media (Instagram) and we will have a discussion with you soon!

Do follow us for more updates!

Instagram page: HomEat Instagram Link

Facebook page: HomEat Facebook Link

Facebook group: HomEat Community Group

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  • RM 50

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    You will get:-

    - Contribution of 20% of RM50 to non-profit old folks home

    499 slot(s) remaining!

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    You will get:-

    - Contribution of 20% of RM100 to non-profit old folks home

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    You will get:-

    - Contribution of 20% of RM150 to non-profit old folks home

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    You will get:-

    - Contribution of 20% of RM200 to non-profit old folks home

    200 slot(s) remaining!