University Startup Challenge 2021 : Infinity Bike Helmet

Contact: Khadijah

The only bike helmet that can be wore anytime which can fullfills all cyclist needs and wants

RM 50

pledge of RM 2,500 goal

1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary


About 1,089 bicyclist rate deaths in 2019. One of the factor that contributes is the victim is not wearing helmet when cycling. So with these rate, we as sports student want to reduce the rate and to encourage everyone to have a hobby like cycling in a good condition because cyclist’s safety is our main priority. So, with the fund it will motivate us to create and prepare the materials into reality and save the rate of death because of cycling

Problem Statement


What We Need & What You Get

  • We are raising RM 2,500 to prepare
  • U will get exclusive mug from our team
  • The best materials for product specification - RM 2400
  • To handle material for marketing purpose - RM 100

The Impact

This helmet is the first in Malaysia that cyclist can where anywhere and anytime they want no matter what condition and weather are. As the saying goes protect your brain can save your life. Wearing helmet during cycling can reduce 85% of head injuries. It will be the helmet that you need.

Risks & Challenges

Maybe we will face difficulty to close sale on this product because not everyone have their own bicycle but with the correct channel of promotion and right promoting materials we will try to make it superb product that everyone ask for

Other Ways You Can Help

Everyone can follow and interact with us to give support by following and share our social media @infinitybikehelmetofficial on Instagram and Infinity Bike Helmet on Facebook


1. Brainstorming - 3 months (May 2021-August 2021)

2. Dealing with designer - 1 months (September 2021)

3. Marketing - 4 months (August - December 2021)

4. Commercialization - May 2022


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