University Startup Challenge 2021:

Contact: Muhammad Nizamuddin bin Azlan

Be part of digitalizing traditional farming and efficient food waste management in Malaysia

RM 60

pledge of RM 3,000 goal

1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary


We are, a startup founded by three technology background guys that aimed to solved food waste issue. We currently in the second stage of MaGIC University Startup Challenge to make our dreams come true. We really need your help to kickstart our startups and solve this issues that have been around us for years. You can be among the earliest part of something big.

Right now, we are in the first phase of development where we aimed to develop a working prototype of our platform so that it can be used by a small number of people and get the feedback from them. Next, we are planning to use this platform to seek more funds for us to actually operating in full-scale. You can be the first person to get your hands to our applications when you funded us no matter how much it is. We will make sure to give you our applications for you to try right after it is developed. Also, you can give us your feedback and we will look into it to improve our apps. Your voice can decide how our apps will turned out and hugely helps in our development. Come, be a part of something big not matter how much donations you give. Whether its RM1 or RM 1,000, you still will get to be our earliest user and send your feedback to us.

We Need Your Help 

We are targeting to collect RM3000 from this campaign to fund our development cost like developer cost, server hosting and other resources. Our applications are very crucial because it is the first step and kickstart to our business. You can try our apps prototype at the link below.

Try the prototype of our applications here:

Your contribution today can shape and reorganize our nations food waste management system that failed us for centuries. We complained about food waste issue for years but not a single action was taken so this is our ways to help and change this and you can join us to take this responsibility.

We also aimed to lower the price of compost fertilizer to make sure it is accessible to everyone and not a luxury anymore. All farmers in this country deserve a top-quality soil and fertilizer.

How Impacts Us ?

The biggest impact of this project is you can enjoy organic products at a much lower price. Our organic products nowadays cost a fortune because most of them is being imported and there are so many extra costs. This happened because compost fertilizer is so expensive in our country. We aimed to lower the compost fertilizer prices and make it more accessible to everyone so we can expand our nations organic products industry. This can increase the production rate and lower the prices of organic produces and help our small and local farmers.

Ways To Help Us More

Even if you cannot donate to us, it is fine. There are many other ways you can still help us. You can spread the words about this campaign and about us to other people. Also, if you know any farmers, you can tell them about us because we are searching for farmers that we can consult to regarding our idea. We want to keep in touch to as many farmers we can find to validate further about our ideas. Also, feel free to contact us if you are interested to collaborate or even give us any feedback on the idea. You can contact us on our Instagram or Facebook page.

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