University Startup Challenge 2021: PINESULAM


University Startup Challenge 2021: PINESULAM

RM 5

pledge of RM 1,501 goal

15 September 2021 30 October 2021


Project Summary


PineSulam provides Embroidery services for bride's dresses. The uniqueness set in this service is by using pineapple thread as interactive embroidery on dresses to produce high-quality products. The embroidery charge rate in PineSulam is also lower compared to other places, pinesulam embroidery will use high quality threads made in Malaysia and also diversify the embroidery in daily use craft. In the future, we believe that Pinesulam also can solve the problem of disposal of organic waste such as pineapple leaves to the production of new and more diverse technologies.

On behalf of UiTM students who continue their studies in the field of Textile Technology, we have less exposure to the process of embroidery compared to, weaving (weaving), dyeing (coloring) and even knitting (knitting). Therefore, the vast majority of students have no exposure to the machines and basics of embroidery making. With the presence of Pinesulam, we are ready to accept student internships or study tours from the university to enhance the learning process. Finally, PineSulam also opens up job opportunities to all types of age groups to learn and understand the beauty of embroidery.

In addition, Summary
1. Using pineapple thread in a unique form of embroidery
2. Reduce organic waste
3. Accept orders from outside and also from UiTM, with more affordable prices
4. Provide a place for students to undergo industrial training
5. Expand employment opportunities to the community.



 Here is the prototype of our product that makes of pine apple thread.

this is our project milestone for our project:


1. To upgrade the manual machine used for embroidery to the motor used of sewing embroidery machine. this is to make the process of embroidery to be quicker.
2. To buy raw materials for upgrading sewing skill of embroidery

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hai everyone, here is some updates for PINESULAM.

we have been into embroidery for flower around the name  of torte bag. 

the design is minamalist and can be purchase. if you contributes to our project we will gift gift box. 

thank you.


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