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Our main is to provide fast-growing lobster for the commercial breeders.

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9 September 2021 24 October 2021


Project Summary

This project is one of the backbone projects of the community economy which involves several parties with the main focus of improving the economy of the B40 family. This is because, in the face of today’s economic challenges, job opportunities are limited and school needs are rising. Therefore, the spawning of ‘Redclaw Crayfish’ (Cherax Quadricarinatus) or its commercial name ‘Freshwater Lobster (LAT)’ is among the ideas that are considered suitable for them because it does not require a long time of around 30 minutes to 1 hour per day for monitoring.

Our Short Story

Lobster/lobster (freshwater) farming has had a high market value since 2019 so that the existing market is not enough to meet the domestic and foreign demand. Around Kota Tinggi, there are still no lobster farmers who focus on spawning. The state of Johor is one of the states that has many producers of Freshwater Lobster (LAT), but they still face the problem of lack of seeds. So through this program, will reveal the residents of Kg. Jawa, Kota Tinggi will be LAT farming because 45% of the total permanent population in this area is a B40 family.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need around Rm2.5k for us to expand our social entrepreneurship to run a roadshow so that more people can learn the science of animal husbandry and we can create an IoT -based system for us to further grow.
  • These farms are in high demand but there is still a lack of venture, especially by focusing on seeding to support the commercial industry.
  • As a reward for your support, we are free to give farming advice from our own experience.

The Impact

  • This small effort could save other's life and support Malaysia's economy.
  • We coach and mentoring the beneficiaries besides provide freshwater farm facilities.
  • We also encourage school students and empower them in agropreneur especially freshwater farming.


As we have been started this project last year, due to many challenges had we faced, we were still stuck in production where we couldn't reach our target but we still proceed to grow this project with so many ideas to gain the income for the beneficiaries.

SEPTEMBER 2021: Market aquarium and lobster set with current resources.

DECEMBER 2021: Ensure facilities are all inset, a problem overcome ((include weather adaptable)) by improving the farming hub. Hence, we need some money for this part.

JANUARY 2022: Start back lobster farming in good condition and trying our best to achieve faster lobster growth.

Risks & Challenges

  • Lack of exposure from the communities.
  • Weather changing, hard for baby lobster to adapt. Not much lobster would survive since the hub is in an open area.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Help us to spread out this campaign and spread out our media social account!
  • Follow our Instagram @lobster.please

Thank you Very Much!

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