University Startup Challenge 2021: SOP Surveillance System

Contact: Nur Syafiqah Amirah Binti Ab Sukor

A system that helps people in increasing their safeties

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15 October 2021 29 November 2021


Project Summary

This is the blueprint. Consist of an arc of customer counter, a cctv and a red distance detector card in the hand of the customers.Problem Statement : The increase of Covid-19


Solution : So we come with a system that can helps people in practicing the SOP to avoid Covid-19 from spreading further

Value Proposition : We provide Reduced Manpower, Cheap Price, Ensure safe is maintained, Discount if bought complete set

Target Market : Companies, Factories, Schools and Mosques

1) In the first 1 month, we'll start collaborating with companies, universities and schools in Negeri Sembilan.
2) In the next 2 month, we'll market our  product to the states around Negeri Sembilan.
3) In 6 months, we expect to reach our milestone which are, done collaborating with most of companies, schools, universities in Malaysia.

Short Summary :
SSSB is a box that contains a set of SOP Surveillance System. Taking on benefits of technologies to care. 

Introduction : 
Our campaign is open and target company, factory, school and mosque. 
To improve safety system in these crowded place

We need : 
 Modern material or technology so that we can built quality product

What We Need & What You Get
Break it down for folks in more detail:
📌Safety technology from our campaign to save folk

Funding : We need about  minimum RM3000, we will be cooperating with big company or technology company to  produce our product 
Customers will get more than one product in one box for their safety if they buy one set

Where the fund go if its doesn't reach goals : we will make better or new  product with the fund

The Impact :
Sop surveillance systems box is a combinations of three modern invention which are CCTV, Customer counter and distance detector card. This product is still in the development phase and we will improve it

📌Our project is valuable to because the number cases of covid 19 had reached 15 k so it is suitable for use this product to protect and keep human aware about the SOP


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