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University Startup Challenge 2021: Harvast +

Contact: Chee Hoe Chor

Grow your plants Healthier and Happier with Harvast +.

RM 70

pledge of RM 35,000 goal

6 September 2021 21 October 2021


Project Summary

Harvast + is formulated with a special organic compound that has a similar feature as chlorophyl, a green pigment in plant that responsible for photosynthesis.

1. How does HARVAST+ work on plants?

Ans: Photosynthesis is the process of converting carbon dioxide into sugar under light, which is needed for plant growth. However, plants do not photosynthesize efficiently; only 2-4% of light is converted into sugar. HARVAST+ is sprayed onto leaves once a week to enhance photosynthesis. It helps plants to photosynthesize more efficiently by up to 100%. This leads to faster and bigger growth. It is not a fertilizer, but it works well with all types of fertilizers.  


2. How many times do I need to spray HARVAST+ onto plants?

Ans: Spray HARVAST+ onto leaves once a week, preferably after watering.


3. Do I need to mix the product with water before using it?

Ans: No. HARVAST+ is ready to use. Do not dilute.


4. Is HARVAST+ a fertilizer?

Ans: No, HARVAST+ is not a fertilizer. It is a photosynthesis enhancer; a new technology developed in Universiti Putra Malaysia. It is compatible to be used with all types of fertilizers and pesticides.


5. What types of plants are suitable to use HARVAST+?

Ans: HARVAST+ can be used for ALL types of plants because all plants photosynthesize. It can be used for ornamental plants.

(The efficiency will depend on the type of plants. C4 plants benefit more from HARVAST+.)


6. Is HARVAST+ safe to be used indoors, around children and pets?

Ans: Yes, HARVAST+ is safe to be used indoors, even around children and pets. It can even be used on vegetables for consumption. It does not contain any harsh chemicals. The active ingredient is organic based.


7. Are the benefits of HARVAST+ the same with other organic fertilizers?

Ans: HARVAST+ is not a fertilizer. If the medium is nutrient-rich, using HARVAST alone can boost plant growth. Using HARVAST reduces the need to use excessive fertilizers which harm the environment.


8. Can HARVAST+ cause any adverse reactions to the plant, such as leaf burn?

Ans: HARVAST+ does not cause any adverse reactions unless the plant is severely deficient in water and/or nutrients. Ensure your plants are well hydrated (without over watering) and have access to sunlight/grow light.


9. Is there any suitable time to spray HARVAST+?

Ans: HARVAST can be sprayed at anytime of the day, once a week, preferably after watering.




Our Mission:

To produce the first photosynthesis enhancer in the world without using any hazardous chemicals. 

The fund raised will be used to set up production capability for Harvast+.



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    Harvast + helps your plants to grow faster and healthier.

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    Harvast + is ready to be used by spraying on your plants.

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    Harvast + is ready to be used by spraying on your plants.

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