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A Third party platform that innovates the small scale construction industry ecosystem which enhance its efficiency & security

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1 September 2021 16 October 2021


Project Summary



Hi everyone, we’re from BINA. As u know, Construction industry is a bit outdated in compare to others. Our vision is to Digitalize the industry. Through our Platform we’ll inject efficiency, Productivity & Security throughout the industry. Therefore, people can feel safe in interacting with their potential service provider & also reduce the cost for businesses so that they can have better profit margin.

Through this campaign, we are looking to raise funds to start our journey in creating the perfect Minimum Viable Product, With the great results from the MVP. We will use it to convince investors & raise our Seed Funding.

With your contribution, imagine how many people you can save from getting lie by the Fraud contractors. Contribute now & be proud of yourself once we were able to create the secured BINA platform which saves millions in people’s cash.



Basically, we’re gonna need around RM 10,000. With this fund, we will build the perfect Minimum Viable Product (A fully function Platform in the consumer point of view) that will be use to test the Real Market. But at Our end, the product is at the minimum usable stage. The target for the MVP is to make the real people make a purchase or place order within our platform. That is when we can validate our idea.

For the Funding, 40% will go to the Website & Mobile Application Builder for 2-sided Marketplace ( 25% will be use to outsource the website front-end Designer. 10% are going to use as the payment gateway subscription (Deposits) & the rest 25% will be use to market the product by outsourcing the Digital Marketing part.  



Our vision is Digitalize Construction Industry. Through our Platform we’ll inject efficiency, Productivity & Security throughout the industry. Imagine a construction Industry is as safe as you buying food through Grab platform. How easy is that right? This happens due to the efficiency Grab has bring to the F&B industry. Through BINA, we will create a money back guarantee feature (with proper constructions Law Implementation) so that there will no room for fraud contractor.

Moreover, no more cold calls & spending hours scrolling in the internet to find a good & trusted Architecture, Interior designer & Contractors. We have filtered all those lengthy list & provide you with the best performing one just for you. All of that, for FREE.



To be realistic, we are currently in world pandemic & services business are dying due to the fear of the people to be infected. Therefore, it’s a bit hard for us to validate & get real user to get on board as soon as possible. But on the other hand, Things will get better by the end of this year through Malaysia’s National Recovery Plan. Therefore, our MVP will be up & running by the start of next year



If you can’t contribute for our Campaign, feel free to get the word out & make some noise about BINA. Cheers!

Attached below are some visualization upon our idea & Minumum Viable Product, do check it out :)

1. BINA fundamentals

2. Mobile Application UI & UX

3. Mobile Application UI & UX 

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