USC 2021 - OYE (Wedding Planner Solution and Marketplace)

Contact: Wong Wen Jin

We want to provide a better solution for the couples in self-planning their wedding. We believe every couple can have their dream wedding.

RM 1,520

pledge of RM 2,500 goal

9 September 2021 24 October 2021


Project Summary

Project Summary  

We are OYE, a start-up team that is eager to develop a system to provide Wedding Planner Solution & Marketplace that connects couples and service providers together.  


Why are we here?  

OYE wishes to provide a better solution for those couples who want to plan a wedding event. By using our solution, couples can plan the whole wedding by themselves with a lower price, wider option and higher flexibility and control. While we believe every couple can have their dream wedding, we want to validate the market readiness, acceptance and the user experience, thus, OYE is participating in pitchIN Reward Crowdfunding.   


Features that we are planning to include in the system:  

1. Wedding Checklist: Our system will generate a unique checklist based on the event date you have given, mainly in providing guidance for you in the planning phase and prevent you from missing any important things in your wedding event.    

2. Guest Management & RSVP: You can now send invitations, manage, and store all your guests in one platform. By digital invitation, you can send the invitation to all guests simultaneously in a few clicks and collect their feedback easily.    

3. Vendor Management: Contact and manage all the vendors that you are interested in. Get the quotation from them in the live chat and proceed to the booking phase or manipulate the quotation directly in the live chat.   

4. Wedding Website: Customize their own wedding website and include all the information regarding their wedding on the website.   

5. Budgetary: Couples can keep their spending on track and recommend to them a chart of how much they should spend in each category based on their budget setting.  

6. Marketplace: OYE marketplace is going to include all ranges of wedding services provided by our partners and every couple can search their desired service providers over there.  


Our Impact  

A lot of vendors(event service providers) are suffering from not getting sales due to the pandemic. Thus, OYE wants to provide a planning system and marketplace so that the couples can start planning their wedding and engage with those vendors, which both parties can prepare the wedding event now and execute immediately after the pandemic.  

By showing your support towards our project, (1) you are going to provide the initial fund for developing the system, provide (2) big confidence to us that the couple indeed need the solution and (3) help the vendors(event service providers) back on track.   


What do we need?  

Our funding goal is RM 2,500. We are going to use the fund to develop the planning system and continuously do validation and R&D.   


What do you get? 

As our backers, based on your package, you will have the priority to use and experience our e-album and RSVP features. Besides, you will get a cash voucher from RM30 – RM 750 and a warm appreciation post posting on our social media. Lastly, we will update you about our progress timely (twice in a month) by newsletter.  


Things you should know: 

  1. The cash voucher, e-album and RSVP will be delivered on 09.09.2021 or 3 days after your support. 
  2. You can use the cash voucher in OYE’s marketplace after the payment feature has been deployed by OYE. 
  3. The general and special appreciation will be posting on OYE’s official Facebook and Instagram in 3 days after this campaign is ended.

Our Timeline:   

Phase 1: The beta version of the marketplace was developed and going to validate soon.   

Phase 2 (August & September): We are mainly focusing on developing the planning tools such as Vendor Management, Checklist, and Website as stated above.   

Phase 3 (October): Vendors’ Backend and Marketplace (Mainly Payment Feature) enhancement.

Phase 4 (December): App is ready to use.  


Other Ways You Can Help  

Share our plan with those event services provides and let them become our partner:   

Help us do user validation: 

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  • RM 20

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    Package A (RM 20 – RM149)
    • General Appreciation
    • OYE Voucher (RM30)
    • Newsletters

    Estimated Delivery : 09/09/2021

    Unlimited slots

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    Package B (RM 150 – 499)
    • General Appreciation
    • OYE Voucher (RM300)
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    Estimated Delivery : 09/09/2021

    Unlimited slots

  • RM 500

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    Package C (500 and above)
    • Special Appreciation
    • OYE Voucher (RM750)
    • Newsletters
    • E - album
    • RSVP

    Estimated Delivery : 09/09/2021

    Unlimited slots