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Walter is a hybrid innovative technology with energy sustainable sensors and solar light feature, support us to bring this idea to life!

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4 April 2022 3 June 2022


Project Summary

We are a young innovative technology maker developing new and meaningful technology is our passion. In this project, we are aimed to build a hybrid technology with embedded solar powered light & soil sensor, we named it Walter.

You will be part of the Growth of Walter the moment you fund us, together we can build a sustainable technology as the first step to experience the uniqueness of hybrid, energy sustainable technology.  

There are 3 phases we will have to go through to build Walter;

  • 1st phase to build functional prototype
  • 2nd phase to design for manufacturing 
  • 3rd phase to manufacture 1,000 units for the first batch

We made detailed calculations and we need RM5,000 to make the functional prototype on the first phase. 

The 1st phase: to build functional prototype breakdown;

Stage 1 - You Back Our Project (Until 31st May 2022)

  • Goal: To raise at least RM5,000 by end of May 2022!
    • By reserving the functional prototype for an innovative planting experience now, becoming a sponsor or simply spreading the word. 

Stage 2 - We Build The Functional Prototype (June 2022)

  • Goal: To build the Functional Prototype & going to be completed by end of June 2022!
    • We get all the necessary material and turn it into a a functional prototype by July 2022.

Stage 3 - You Can Experience Our very First batch of Walter's prototype (From July 2022)

  • Goal: From July 2022, backers can place order on Walter prototype for Free (limited to 20 slots only)!
    • You can experience the hybrid technology with essential energy sustainability. Reserve your spots now, and support our initiative with RM1,000.00!

Walter would like to describe more of its reason for your support; 

  1. Walter is an innovative technology with multiple function: soil sensor to measure soil humidity, solar power energy to enable sustainable energy, and lights for decoration and indication for soil sensor.
  2. Walter is a hybrid technology designed to replace the electricity usage at the garden and wiring usage which may be a hassle to install, maintain and use in long term.
  3. Walter is relevantly important to everyone, to let the technology find its balance to work with nature to create a better eco-system. 
  4. Sustainable energy and eco-friendly technology development is important nowadays to ease-out global warming issues, no doubt it may be a minor part for the role, with little effort and more people substituting electric or battery powered technology with Walter, it can bring a greater impact to the world.
  5. Knowing the importance to protect our home (earth) and able to enjoy the convenience of technology with its best feature and function, Walter creates balance to bridge the gap and let the nature works with the technology day by day. 
  6. Walter's existence is to encourage urban & sub-urban or rural people to experience innovative planting experience with embedded soil sensor & solar power light to shine out the darkness, excluding the need of electricity and self-sustainable function allow users to save cost on electricity. 


There are challenges to build a hybrid & innovative technology for the Research & development stage, first major challenge is the financial challenge that we are facing and need your support to help us through.

We have the skill & expertise to bring the idea forward, but we are short in fund, it involves cost to sustain the R&D progress.

Help us bring the idea to life. It'll mean so much to us even if you could only fund a little at your means. 

Other Ways You Can Help

You can help and support in other means, too. Check it out:

  • You can share our link across your social media, help us reach out to more people who would love Walter as much as you do.

Thank you in advance for your contribution, your effort is highly appreciated. 

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    We will thank you personally through Walter's social media and tag you to show gratitude of your support because it meant so much to us that you're part of Walter growth.

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