Zing! English Card Game, The EduLab

Contact: Mei Yan

A revolutionary English Card Game, by Malaysian, for Malaysian. Tailored for children aged 10 - 14 years old.

RM 900

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27 September 2022 26 November 2022


Project Summary


With your contribution, Malaysian children will fall in love with English! 

Do you know that Malaysia’s English Proficiency Index has been dropping for 4 consecutive years, from 12th to 30th position? 

Introducing Zing! English Card Game, the first English learning card game developed by The EduLab tailored for Malaysian children to improve English literacy through games, one step at a time.

Who is The EduLab? Education with game-based learning, to be tested in the “Education Lab”! We are a team of five passionate Malaysian undergraduates that experienced and witnessed the struggles in English education over the past 20 years Through our in-depth research among the urban and rural community, we have found out the two major reasons are due to the difficulties of coping with multiple languages and a heavily-exam based education system. 

Therefore, we, the EduLab have come together with one mission, to empower students by improving English literacy with game-based learning. Our team of co-founders have been fortunate enough to be involved in the development of educational programmes with industry experts that sharpen our dynamics on improving children’s education in Malaysia. The EduLab is a social enterprise initiative that is endorsed by Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) where the team of co-founders have secured Champion in the recent pitching of Cohort 2022. As we share the Zing! English Card Game prototype with various local primary school including SJK(C) and SJK(T), we are beyond excited to receive their tremendous feedback as they wish to share the game with their friends. 

What does Zing! English Card Game offer?  By playing the card game, the children are able to instill curiosity and confidence in building English sentence structure in a grammatically correct and vocabulary-rich way during their fun interactivity. Using our fast paced game, students learn fundamental sentences such as “I has a pencil” is wrong and “I have a pencil” is right!

During the product development stages, we have involved industry experts such as Malaysian headmasters, headmistress, teachers and educational experts to ensure that the card game meets the relevant standards that is comparable to the current education system. The EduLab aligns its product delivery English curriculum to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standards. This enables students from different school curriculums and examination bodies to supplement their formal language education with The EduLab.

We look forward to having your support in our journey of creating social impact among the children. Your contribution will no doubt spur an educational trend among children to improve their English readability and English literacy. 


What You Get

We are beyond thankful towards your contribution and you will be entitled to ONE free set of the Zing! Sports Ver. Card Game by The EduLab for any donations of RM50 and above. 

However, no worries! Smaller amounts of donations are also entitled to some form of giveback as listed in this campaign.

Further to this, you will be our top priority to receive notice on future releases which will have special introductory discounts, freebies and other promotional packages once we achieve our investment goal. 

Thank you once again!


In the pipeline

Zing! English Card Game (Sports Version) is the first card game to be released by The EduLab. Your contribution will help in the future output of other games that are already 55% ready for rollout. 

The EduLab, empowers education learning with children.


Other ways you can help?

If you are unable to contribute, we would truly appreciate it if you could make as much noise about Zing! English Card Game by The EduLab through sharing this link on all your social media networks.

Thank you very much!


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    1 set of ZING! Sports deck

    5% discount on future release of the EduLab card game and products

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    1 set of The EduLab card game donated to a B40 school/charity of choice + an english storybook

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    1 set of personalized ZING! English Card game

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    3 free sets of The Edulab card game + storybook bundle

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    Free 2 hour workshop with teachers/students

    10% discount on future releases of the EduLab card game and products You may direct this copy to one of our listed Charities or a Charity of your choice.

    Your contribution will be noted on the shoutout on Instagram.

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