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Fostering Entrepreneurship & Stimulate Innovations

iLabs is a unique partnership between Sunway Group, Sunway University and Sunway Ventures. Our not-for-profit incubator aims to foster entrepreneurship and stimulate market-driven innovations.

We are also syncing with the wider start-up ecosystem in Malaysia and abroad through collaborations and strategic partnerships, to enable entrepreneurs to scale their business faster. Together with our network of mentors and industry experts, we are able to help entrepreneurs at different stages of development; from pre-seed to growth to exit.

Entrepreneurs who work with iLabs will have access to mentors and experts from Sunway's twelve thriving areas of businesses. Sunway provides the perfect platform for startups to validate their solutions before scaling.

We will be launching our accelerator in January 2018. More details will be released soon.

Start-It Challenge

The Start-It Challenge is an ideation competition organised by Sunway iLabs (a not-for-profit under Sunway University) to challenge students and recent graduates from universities in Selangor to identify problems and create their own solutions or to solve problems faced by a select number of companies.

The three skillsets that we aim to instill in students from this challenge are:

  • Problem solving through design thinking
  • An understanding of business plans/models
  • How to effectively communicate and pitch ideas

The top three winners will be awarded cash prizes and will receive an offer to join Sunway iLabs's accelerator programme to further nurture the ideas. Other participants stand a chance to get an interview with a select number of companies for employment or an internship.

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