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17 August 2023 16 October 2023

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Project Summary

This is a private initiative project called Ocean Quest Borneo Eco-Camp Conservation Centre. Its community based nature conservation camp provides courses and training for people who want to dive with purpose, this camp also a fully protected and preserved area on land and in the water.  It is located at Usukan Island, Sabah and is still under very basic development.  Our mission is to fully protect this tiny piece of land on earth and lead by example for people who wish to learn anything about nature conservation related and as well as witness the result in real life.  Hence provides sustainable food security for the local fisherman community.

My name is Monica Chin, founder and managing director of One Ocean Empire. Passionate to nature! This my my short bio:-

  • Ocean Advocates.
  • 28 years experience in scuba diving.
  • Ocean Quest Global 1st Bornean women coral conservation & rehabilitation instructor license #0032. 
  • Conservation Speaker in various international scuba diving expos in Asia.  
  • Awarded most contribution ocean conservation at ADEX Beijing, China 2019
  • Leads many environmental CSR programs, educational talks at coastal areas, water villages, schools and youth centres in North Borneo, Sabah. 

And I always wanted to do things beyond and bigger scale to benefit our local community with a sustainable positive impact toward our nature. With your full support, we will make it happen! I can’t do it alone, join our mission and be part of our journey.

Our nature friendly based accommodation of 10 units of jungle eco pods, 3 traditional Rungus long house and 6 traditional Ubian house.  We run a 100% vegetarian kitchen with maximum 12 people per night/day.   The entire land of our eco-camp is fully protected equally on land and in the sea.  That’s we need you to join us to keep this place slowly start operation in very basic way.


We humbly need RM60,000 for a start to set up the basic operation and let’s make it happen.

Breakdown details:

1.            Solar panels and water pumps – RM30,000
2.            Underwater camera complete set with lighting – RM20,000
3.            Laptops – RM6,000
4.            Diving teaching material, equipment and tools – RM3,000
5.            Miscellaneous – RM1,000

1st STAGE - You Back Our Project (Until 30th November 2023)

Goal: To raise at least RM60,000 in 45 days!

By preparing the ground and surrounding nature for more life around now, becoming a sponsor or simply spreading the word.


 2nd STAGE - We Fix and Installed The Equipment and tools 

Goal: To purchase, set, fix, install, build and try out all the equipment and tools. To be full up and completed by end of December 2023!

We get set all the necessary equipment and tools, and able to run basic solar power light up our centre and better water supply without destruction by December 2023.


3rd STAGE – Visit us and Experience Real Basic Life in FULLY protected Nature! 

Goal: From February 2024, all backers can choose the prefer dates for visit!

You can have an amazing, unforgettable, and surprise living super close to nature that you never ever though before.  Reserve your HOME in Nature now, support our initiative and show your LOVE toward Nature!


We take a firm initiative to protect and preserve the remaining beautiful gem in Usukan Island, Kota Belud.  This place will be an example for many people around the world, proven we must and need to work with Nature and put Nature first in many ways. We welcome you to join our mission and be part of our journey.

This project is so valuable to everyone because we all know "When the last tree was cut, the last fish was caught, and the last river was polluted; when the climate became unpredictable, and the air became unsafe to breathe, only then did people realize that they couldn't eat money." And we don’t want this to happen to our coming generation.  We can’t do it alone and we need you to be part of this development.

Stay tune on our Instagram and Facebook for the project activity.


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