Bersama 2050: Malaysian Youth Arts Festival

Contact: Siti Nur Bahiyah binti Saarif

How’s Merdeka in 100 years? An exhibition of rural talents decided by industry leaders, organised by major youth content provider, MKR.

RM 2,840

pledge of RM 60,000 goal

15 June 2021 15 October 2021


Project Summary

There are many creative talents still left undiscovered from rural campuses. Bersama2050 plans to unearth them through a competition curated by Malaysia’s creative indie elites like Amir Muhammad (Kuman Pictures), Obscura Photography & Kreativer Klub. 

Our unique proposition: ONE, Target rural students, harness their talent through a competition and display their works in KL to promote their credentials and indeed their futures. TWO, Allow young Malaysians to reinterpret what is nationhood, unity and harmony as the country approaches a 100 years.

Since 2016, MyKampus Radio (MKR), the organiser and youth media organisation in the Malay language, has increased content, discussion and debate among Malaysian undergraduates. Bersama 2050 is one of MKR’s spokes to up expression and participation from our students from second and third tier universities.

The competition opens in July 2021, with submissions and results in August, followed by exhibitions in late August and September to Malaysia Day.

This campaign aims to raise RM60,000 as part of the RM200,000 to successfully complete the project.

We would like to invite corporates, SMEs, samaritans and other patriots to donate and bring these young artists’ vision to the rest of Malaysia. Supporters will be firmly recognised as individuals at both physical and virtual exhibitions.

The 21-day Merdeka exhibition celebrates winners and finalists. Vocational Colleges and Polytechnics like Ibrahim Sultan, Ungku Omar and KV Kuala Krai are in the participation list (full list below). 

Hosted at the GMBB Exhibition Venue in KL City Centre.

The categories are artworks, short video, photography, doodle and recycled waste. 

The project’s patron is Dato’ Yusli Mohamed Yusof (former CEO Bursa Malaysia and now-chairman of KPJ Healthcare Bhd). The Malaysia German Chamber of Commerce and Friedrich Naumann Foundation support the project, along with our partners GMBB, Westports Holdings,Noush Naturals and the National Arts Gallery.

Put your name as a person behind Bersama 2050 by contributing to this crowdfunding. Corporations seeking to be a co or main sponsor can read this proposal and contact [email protected] or call +60 17-370 5059.

A full proposal can be access through this link



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