Barbarian Invasion Screening At Kota Kinabalu 《野蛮人入侵》亚庇放映会

Contact: Da Huang Pictures

Join this campaign if you want to bring "Barbarian Invasion" to your city/town. If there are 100 audiences, we will organise a screening!

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10 November 2021 25 December 2021

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Project Summary

If you want to bring the long-awaited Malaysian made film "Barbarian Invasion" to your city/town, you can join the crowdfunding campaign!

If there are 100 audiences, we will organise a screening!



Screening Details 放映会资料

Film Title 片名: Barbarian Invasion 野蛮人入侵

Director 导演: Tan Chui Mui 陈翠梅

Duration 片长: 1hr 45 min

Language 语言: Chinese 华语, Cantonese 粤语, Malay 马来语

Subtitle 字幕: Chinese 中文 + English 英文

Classification 级别: PG13

Date 日期: December 2021 OR January 2022 / 2021年12月或2022年1月

Venue 地点: Sabah Kota Kinabalu 沙巴亚庇

*The exact screening date, time & venue is to be confirmed
*The organiser reserves the right to decide the screening date, time & venue


Film Synopsis 电影大纲

In the beginning of the film, director Roger told actress Moon a story.

“Miyamoto Musashi had 60 duels in his life and he never lost once. When he was very old, a young man came to challenge him. They agreed the duel on next day noon. Musashi did not appear until a few hours later, when the sun was almost setting. The young man felt insulted, and he was furious, he fought Musashi, who stood with back to the sun. At a key moment, Musashi exposed the sun ray to his opponent’s eye to distract him, and kill him.”

“This is not fair.”

“For the young man, the sword is everything. For Musashi, everything is his sword. The sun is his sword, the time is his sword. ”

Moon looks at Roger, “And?”

“When I was young, film was everything for me. Now, at this age, everything is like a film for me. Everything is a film. We just need to sit and watch. ”

“Are you making a Hong Sang Soo Film?”

Roger laughs, “I want to make an action film. ”










Awards Package 奖励配套

(A) RM20

Barbarian Invasion Film Pass 野蛮人入侵戏票 x 1 Pax (Free Seating 自由入座)

(B) RM200

Barbarian Invasion Film Pass 野蛮人入侵戏票 x 10 Pax (Free Seating 自由入座)
Storyboard Notebook 分镜簿 x 5 Pcs

(C) RM400

Barbarian Invasion Film Pass 野蛮人入侵戏票 x 20 Pax (Free Seating 自由入座)
Storyboard Notebook 分镜簿 x 20 Pcs

(D) RM1000

Barbarian Invasion Film Pass 野蛮人入侵戏票 x 50 Pax (Free Seating 自由入座)
Storyboard Notebook 分镜簿 x 50 Pcs

(E) RM2000

Barbarian Invasion Film Pass 野蛮人入侵戏票 x 100 Pax (Free Seating 自由入座)
Storyboard Notebook 分镜簿 x 100 Pcs
Barbarian Invasion Script 野蛮人入侵剧本 x 1 Copy
Barbarian Invasion's Facebook Page Special Mention 野蛮人入侵脸书特别提及


How the Fund will be Utilised?此筹资项目的资金会如何使用?

The fund raised from this campaign will be used for screening venue rental, screening materials preparation, event decoration (eg: bunting, poster), management & operation fee and other related costs for organising the screening.



Disclaimer 声明

1. This is an "All or Nothing" project, the screening event will only be held if we reach our minimum goal. If we failed to meet the minimum goal, this screening event will be cancelled automatically and pitchIN will return the amount that you had pledged.

2. The project owner (organiser) reserves the right to decide the screening details (including date, time, venue and seating arrangement). Once the screening details are confirmed, a notification will be sent out to all the pledgers.


Organiser 主办单位

Da Huang Pictures 大荒电影

Da Huang Pictures was established in 2005 by Tan Chui Mui, Amir Muhammad, James Lee and Liew Seng Tat. Many award winning films were produced by the company in a short span of six years. The aim of the company is to make films as the filmmakers want it to be. We also support film projects that are difficult to be made. The company had supported many young Malaysian filmmakers in making short films or first feature films.

大荒电影是一家马来西亚独立电影公司,由陈翠梅、阿米尔·穆罕默德、李添兴和刘城达于2005年成立。成立后短短六年内制作了多部国际获奖电影。 大荒电影致力于制作作者电影,近年也扶持了许多年轻的马来西亚电影新人制作其短片和处女长片。

Da Huang Pictures Official Website 大荒电影官网


Contact Us 联络我们

If you have any enquiries, please contact Da Huang Pictures team at [email protected]

有任何问题,请电邮至大荒电影:[email protected]


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